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2017A revised prediction model for natural conceptionBensdorp, A.; van der Steeg, J.; Steures, P.; Habbema, J.; Hompes, P.; Bossuyt, P.; van der Veen, F.; Mol, B.; Eijkemans, M.
2012A clinical prediction model to assess the risk of operative delivery: Authors’ ReplySchuit, E.; Moons, K.; Groenwold, R.; Kwee, A.; Mol, B.
2014Involving women in personalised decision-making on mode of delivery after caesarean section: the development and pilot testing of a patient decision aidSchoorel, E.; Vankan, E.; Scheepers, H.; Augustijn, B.; Dirksen, C.; De Koning, M.; Van Kuijk, S.; Kwee, A.; Melman, S.; Nijhuis, J.; Aardenburg, R.; De Boer, K.; Hasaart, T.; Mol, B.; Nieuwenhuijze, M.; Van Pampus, M.; Van Roosmalen, J.; Roumen, F.; De Vries, R.; Wouters, M.; et al.
2015Double blind, randomised, placebocontrolled trial to evaluate the efficacy of esomeprazole to treat early onset pre-eclampsia (PIE Trial): a study protocolCluver, C.; Walker, S.; Mol, B.; Theron, G.; Hall, D.; Hiscock, R.; Hannan, N.; Tong, S.
2014Predicting successful intended vaginal delivery after previous caesarean section: external validation of two predictive models in a Dutch nationwide registration-based cohort with a high intended vaginal delivery rateSchoorel, E.; Melman, S.; Van Kuijk, S.; Grobman, W.; Kwee, A.; Mol, B.; Nijhuis, J.; Smits, L.; Aardenburg, R.; De Boer, K.; Delemarre, F.; Van Dooren, I.; Franssen, M.; Kleiverda, G.; Kaplan, M.; Kuppens, S.; Lim, F.; Sikkema, J.; Smid-Koopman, E.; Visser, H.; et al.
2014Endometrial thickness and pregnancy rates after IVF: a systematic review and meta-analysisKasius, A.; Smit, J.; Torrance, H.; Eijkemans, M.; Mol, B.; Opmeer, B.; Broekmans, F.
2015Hysteroscopy for treating subfertility associated with suspected major uterine cavity abnormalitiesBosteels, J.; Kasius, J.; Weyers, S.; Broekmans, F.; Mol, B.; D'Hooghe, T.
2015Intrapartum and neonatal mortality in primary midwife-led and secondary obstetrician-led care in the Amsterdam region of the Netherlands: a retrospective cohort studyWiegerinck, M.; van der Goes, B.; Ravelli, A.; van der Post, J.; Klinkert, J.; Brandenbarg, J.; Buist, F.; Wouters, M.; Tamminga, P.; de Jonge, A.; Mol, B.
2015Cost-effectiveness of salpingotomy and salpingectomy in women with tubal pregnancy (a randomized controlled trial)Mol, F.; Van Mello, N.; Strandell, A.; Jurkovic, D.; Ross, J.; Yalcinkaya, T.; Barnhart, K.; Verhoeve, H.; Graziosi, G.; Koks, C.; Mol, B.; Ankum, W.; Van Der Veen, F.; Hajenius, P.; Van Wely, M.
2015The relation between duration of ruptured membranes and perinatal outcome in patients with midtrimester prelabor rupture of membranesVan Teeffelen, A.; Van Der Heijden, J.; Van Der Ham, D.; Schaaf, J.; Van Kuijk, S.; Ravelli, A.; Pajkrt, E.; Willekes, C.; Nijhuis, J.; Mol, B.