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2015Randomized phase II study of carboplatin and paclitaxel with either linifanib or placebo for advanced nonsquamous non–small-cell lung cancerRamalingam, S.S.; Shtivelband, M.; Soo, R.A.; Barrios, C.H.; Makhson, A.; Segalla, J.G.; Pittman, K.B.; Kolman, P.; Pereira, J.R.; Srkalovic, G.; Belani, C.P.; Axelrod, R.; Owonikoko, T.K.; Qin, Q.; Qian, J.; McKeegan, E.M.; Devanarayan, V.; McKee, M.D.; Ricker, J.L.; Carlson, D.M.; et al.
2010Quality of life after total laparoscopic hysterectomy versus total abdominal hysterectomy for stage I endometrial cancer (LACE): a randomised trialJanda, M.; Gebski, V.; Brand, A.; Hogg, R.; Jobling, T.; Land, R.; Manolitsas, T.; McCartney, A.; Nascimento, M.; Neesham, D.; Nicklin, J.; Oehler, M.; Otton, G.; Perrin, L.; Salfinger, S.; Hammond, I.; Leung, Y.; Walsh, T.; Sykes, P.; Ngan, H.; et al.
2020Effect of intravenous tenecteplase dose on cerebral reperfusion before thrombectomy in patients with large vessel occlusion ischemic stroke: the EXTEND-IA TNK part 2 randomized clinical trialCampbell, B.C.V.; Mitchell, P.J.; Churilov, L.; Yassi, N.; Kleinig, T.J.; Dowling, R.J.; Yan, B.; Bush, S.J.; Thijs, V.; Scroop, R.; Simpson, M.; Brooks, M.; Asadi, H.; Wu, T.Y.; Shah, D.G.; Wijeratne, T.; Zhao, H.; Alemseged, F.; Ng, F.; Bailey, P.; et al.
2021Diagnostic yield of whole genome sequencing after non-diagnostic exome sequencing or gene panel in developmental and epileptic encephalopathiesPalmer, E.E.; Sachdev, R.; Macintosh, R.; Genetic Counselling, G.D.; Melo, U.S.; Mundlos, S.; Righetti, S.; Kandula, T.; Minoche, A.E.; Puttick, C.; Gayevskiy, V.; Hesson, L.; Idrisoglu, S.; Shoubridge, C.; Thai, M.H.N.; Davis, R.L.; Drew, A.P.; Sampaio, H.; Andrews, P.I.; Lawson, J.; et al.