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2018Cortical abnormalities in bipolar disorder: an MRI analysis of 6503 individuals from the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder Working GroupHibar, D.; Westlye, L.; Doan, N.; Jahanshad, N.; Cheung, J.; Ching, C.; Versace, A.; Bilderbeck, A.; Uhlmann, A.; Mwangi, B.; Krämer, B.; Overs, B.; Hartberg, C.; Abé, C.; Dima, D.; Grotegerd, D.; Sprooten, E.; Bøen, E.; Jimenez, E.; Howells, F.; et al.
2015Serum levels of human MIC-1/GDF15 vary in a diurnal pattern, do not display a profile suggestive of a satiety factor and are related to BMITsai, V.; Macia, L.; Feinle-Bisset, C.; Manandhar, R.; Astrup, A.; Raben, A.; Lorenzen, J.; Schmidt, P.; Wiklund, F.; Pedersen, N.; Campbell, L.; Kriketos, A.; Xu, A.; Zhou, P.; Jia, W.; Curmi, P.; Angstmann, C.; Lee-Ng, K.; Zhang, H.; Marquis, C.; et al.; Young, M.
2015Analysis of KRAS/NRAS mutations in a phase III study of panitumumab with FOLFIRI compared with FOLFIRI zlone as second-line treatment for metastatic colorectal cancerPeeters, M.; Oliner, K.; Price, T.; Cervantes, A.; Sobrero, A.; Ducreux, M.; Hotko, Y.; André, T.; Chan, E.; Lordick, F.; Punt, C.; Strickland, A.; Wilson, G.; Ciuleanu, T.; Roman, L.; Van Cutsem, E.; He, P.; Yu, H.; Koukakis, R.; Terwey, J.; et al.
2016Disruptive de novo mutations of DYRK1A lead to a syndromic form of autism and IDvan Bon, B.W.M.; Coe, B.P.; Bernier, R.; Green, C.; Gerdts, J.; Witherspoon, K.; Kleefstra, T.; Willemsen, M.H.; Kumar, R.; Bosco, P.; Fichera, M.; Li, D.; Amaral, D.; Cristofoli, F.; Peeters, H.; Haan, E.; Romano, C.; Mefford, H.C.; Scheffer, I.; Gecz, J.; et al.
2007An absence of cutaneous neurofibromas associated with a 3-bp inframe deletion in Exon 17 of the NF1 gene (c.2970-2972 delAAT): evidence of a clinically significant NF1 genotype-phenotype correlationUpadyaya, M.; Huson, S.; Davies, M.; Thomas, N.; Chuzhanova, N.; Giovannini, S.; Evans, D.; Howard, E.; Kerr, B.; Kerr, B.; Consoli, C.; Side, L.; Adams, D.; Pierpont, M.; Hatchen, R.; Barnicoat, A.; Li, H.; Wallace, P.; Van Biervliet, J.; Stevenson, D.; et al.
2013Genetic variants associated with increased risk of malignant pleural mesothelioma: a genome-wide association studyMatullo, G.; Guarrera, S.; Betti, M.; Fiorito, G.; Ferrante, D.; Voglino, F.; Cadby, G.; Di Gaetano, C.; Rosa, F.; Russo, A.; Hirvonen, A.; Casalone, E.; Tunesi, S.; Padoan, M.; Giordano, M.; Aspesi, A.; Casadio, C.; Ardissone, F.; Ruffini, E.; Betta, P.; et al.
2015A phase I/II trial of BNC105P with everolimus in metastatic renal cell carcinomaPal, S.; Azad, A.; Bhatia, S.; Drabkin, H.; Costello, B.; Sarantopoulos, J.; Kanesvaran, R.; Lauer, R.; Starodub, A.; Hauke, R.; Sweeney, C.; Hahn, N.; Sonpavde, G.; Richey, S.; Breen, T.; Kremmidiotis, G.; Leske, A.; Doolin, E.; Bibby, D.; Simpson, J.; et al.
2012Pemetrexed versus pemetrexed and carboplatin as second-line chemotherapy in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: Results of the GOIRC 02-2006 randomized phase II study and pooled analysis with the NVALT7 trialArdizzoni, A.; Tiseo, M.; Boni, L.; Vincent, A.; Passalacqua, R.; Buti, S.; Amoroso, D.; Camerini, A.; Labianca, R.; Genestreti, G.; Boni, C.; Ciuffreda, L.; Di Costanzo, F.; De Marinis, F.; Crino, L.; Santo, A.; Pazzola, A.; Barbieri, F.; Zilembo, N.; Colantonio, I.; et al.
2014LgG4 immunostaining and its implications in orbital inflammatory diseaseWong, A.; Planck, S.; Choi, D.; Harrington, C.; Troxell, M.; Houghton, D.; Stauffer, P.; Wilson, D.; Grossniklaus, H.; Dailey, R.; Ng, J.; Steele, E.; Harris, G.; Czyz, C.; Foster, J.; White, V.; Dolman, P.; Kazim, M.; Patel, P.; Edward, D.; et al.; Wallace, G.
2003Fluoropolymer coated Dacron or polytetrafluoroethylene for femoropopliteal bypass grafting: a multicentre trialRobinson, B.; Fletcher, J.; Richardson, A.; Tomlinson, P.; Bell, R.; Fisher, C.; Condous, M.; Ventura, R.; Scott, A.; Stary, D.; Allen, R.; Lippey, E.; Appleberg, M.; Chao, A.; Fitridge, R.; Frydman, G.; Hazelton, S.; King, B.; Middleton, P.; Pai, P.; et al.