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2008Have broad-based community and professional education programs influenced mental health literacy and treatment seeking of those with major depression and suicidal ideation?Goldney, R.; Fisher, L.
2012Morphological differentiation correlates with ecological but not with genetic divergence in a Gehyra geckoSistrom, M.; Edwards, D.; Donnellan, S.; Hutchinson, M.
2010Study protocol: national research partnership to improve primary health care performance and outcomes for Indigenous peoplesBailie, R.; Si, D.; Shannon, C.; Semmens, J.; Rowley, K.; Scrimgeour, D.; Nagel, T.; Anderson, I.; Connors, C.; Weeramanthri, T.; McDermott, R.; Thompson, S.; Burke, H.; Moore, E.; Leon, D.; Weston, R.; Grogan, H.; Stanley, A.; Gardner, K.
2008Are citizens' juries a useful tool for assessing environmental value?Robinson, J.; Clouston, B.; Suh, J.; Chaloupka, M.
2004Developing and evaluating the grieflink web site: processes, protocols, dilemmas and lessons learnedClark, S.; Burgess, T.; Laven, G.; Bull, C.; Marker, J.; Browne, E.
2012Tertiary education institutions should not offer pseudoscientific medical courses: standing up for scienceMacLennan, A.; Morrison, R.
2013A survey to assist in targeting the adults who undertake risky behaviours, know their health behaviours are not optimal and who acknowledge being worried about their healthTaylor, A.; Price, K.; Fullerton, S.
2012Control of fluoroquinolone resistance through successful regulation, AustraliaCheng, A.; Turnidge, J.; Collignon, P.; Looke, D.; Barton, M.; Gottlieb, T.
2012Determinants of export success in professional business services: a qualitative studyLu, V.; Quester, P.; Medlin, C.; Scholz, B.
2010Rationale and design of the Endurant Stent Graft Natural Selection Global Postmarket Registry (ENGAGE): interim analysis at 30 days of the first 180 patients enrolledBockler, D.; Fitridge, R.; Wolf, Y.; Hayes, P.; Silveira, P.; Numan, F.; Riambau, V.