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2010Lynch syndrome-associated breast cancers: Clinicopathologic characteristics of a case series from the colon cancer family registryWalsh, M.; Buchanan, D.; Cummings, M.; Pearson, S.; Arnold, S.; Clendenning, M.; Walters, R.; McKeone, D.; Spurdle, A.; Hopper, J.; Jenkins, M.; Phillips, K.; Suthers, G.; George, J.; Goldblatt, J.; Muir, A.; Tucker, K.; Pelzer, E.; Gattas, M.; Woodall, S.; et al.
2002Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 for Treatment of Open Tibial FracturesCsimma, C.; Genant, H.; Valentin-Opran, A.; Amit, Y.; Arbel, R.; Aro, H.; Atar, D.; Bishay, M.; Borner, M.; Chiron, P.; Choong, P.; Cinats, J.; Courtenay, B.; Feibel, R.; Geulette, B.; Gravel, C.; Haas, N.; Raschke, M.; Hammacher, E.; van der Velde, D.; et al.
2012Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) for 291 diseases and injuries in 21 regions, 1990-2010: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010Murray, C.; Vos, T.; Lozano, R.; Naghavi, M.; Flaxman, A.; Michaud, C.; Ezzati, M.; Shibuya, K.; Salomon, J.; Abdalla, S.; Aboyans, V.; Abraham, J.; Ackerman, I.; Aggarwal, R.; Ahn, S.; Ali, M.; Alvarado, M.; Anderson, H.; Anderson, L.; Andrews, K.; et al.
2014Common variants near ABCA1, AFAP1 and GMDS confer risk of primary open-angle glaucomaGharahkhani, P.; Burdon, K.; Fogarty, R.; Sharma, S.; Hewitt, A.; Martin, S.; Law, M.; Cremin, K.; Bailey, J.; Loomis, S.; Pasquale, L.; Haines, J.; Hauser, M.; Viswanathan, A.; McGuffin, P.; Topouzis, F.; Foster, P.; Graham, S.; Casson, R.; Chehade, M.; et al.
2011Progesterone receptor gene variants and risk of endometrial cancerO'Mara, T.; Fahey, P.; Ferguson, K.; Marquart, L.; Lambrechts, D.; Despierre, E.; Vergote, I.; Amant, F.; Hall, P.; Liu, J.; Czene, K.; SASBAC; Rebbeck, T.; WISE Study Group; AOCS Management Group; SEARCH; Ahmed, S.; Dunning, A.; Gregory, C.; Shah, M.; et al.
2011Bile leakage after hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery: A definition and grading of severity by the International Study Group of Liver SurgeryKoch, M.; Garden, J.; Padbury, R.; Rahbari, N.; Adam, R.; Capussotti, L.; Sheung, T.; Yokoyama, Y.; Crawford, M.; Makuuchi, M.; Christophi, C.; Banting, S.; Brooke-Smith, M.; Usatoff, V.; Nagino, M.; Maddern, G.; Hugh, T.; Vauthey, J.; Greig, P.; Rees, M.; et al.
2018Integrative genomic analysis reveals cancer-associated mutations at diagnosis of CML in patients with high-risk diseaseBranford, S.; Wang, P.; Yeung, D.T.; Thomson, D.; Purins, A.; Wadham, C.; Shahrin, N.H.; Marum, J.E.; Nataren, N.; Parker, W.T.; Geoghegan, J.; Feng, J.; Shanmuganathan, N.; Mueller, M.C.; Dietz, C.; Stangl, D.; Donaldson, Z.; Altamura, H.; Georgievski, J.; Braley, J.; et al.
2013SMAD2, SMAD3 and SMAD4 mutations in colorectal cancerFleming, N.; Jorissen, R.; Mouradov, D.; Christie, M.; Sakthianandeswaren, A.; Palmieri, M.; Day, F.; Li, S.; Tsui, C.; Lipton, L.; Desai, J.; Jones, I.; McLaughlin, S.; Ward, R.; Hawkins, N.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Moore, J.; Zhu, H.; Mariadason, J.; Burgess, A.; et al.
2015Serum levels of human MIC-1/GDF15 vary in a diurnal pattern, do not display a profile suggestive of a satiety factor and are related to BMITsai, V.; Macia, L.; Feinle-Bisset, C.; Manandhar, R.; Astrup, A.; Raben, A.; Lorenzen, J.; Schmidt, P.; Wiklund, F.; Pedersen, N.; Campbell, L.; Kriketos, A.; Xu, A.; Zhou, P.; Jia, W.; Curmi, P.; Angstmann, C.; Lee-Ng, K.; Zhang, H.; Marquis, C.; et al.; Young, M.
2015Analysis of KRAS/NRAS mutations in a phase III study of panitumumab with FOLFIRI compared with FOLFIRI zlone as second-line treatment for metastatic colorectal cancerPeeters, M.; Oliner, K.; Price, T.; Cervantes, A.; Sobrero, A.; Ducreux, M.; Hotko, Y.; André, T.; Chan, E.; Lordick, F.; Punt, C.; Strickland, A.; Wilson, G.; Ciuleanu, T.; Roman, L.; Van Cutsem, E.; He, P.; Yu, H.; Koukakis, R.; Terwey, J.; et al.