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1997Revegetation of waste fly ash lagoons II. Seedling transplants and plant nutritionPillman, A.; Jusaitis, M.
1998Molecular heterogeneity in mucopolysaccharidosis IVA in Australia and Northern Ireland: nine novel mutations including T312S, a common allele that confers a mild phenotypeYamada, N.; Fukuda, S.; Tomatsu, S.; Muller, V.; Hopwood, J.; Nelson, J.; Kato, Z.; Yamagishi, A.; Sukegawa, K.; Kondo, M.; Orii, T.
1995The origins of cerebral palsy - A consensus statementMacLennan, A.; Stanley, F.; Blair, E.; Rice, G.; Stone, P.; Robinson, J.; Henderson-Smart, D.; Yu, V.; Harbord, M.; Stern, L.; Chambers, H.; Furness, M.; Hayward, T.; Eckert, K.; Boundy, C.; Merrett, S.; Kenny, M.
1995Tropospheric ozone, respiratory effects and Australian air quality goalsWoodward, A.; Guest, C.; Steer, K.; Harman, A.; Scicchitano, R.; Pisaniello, D.; Calder, I.; McMichael, A.
1998Analysis of Australian Crohn's disease pedigrees refines the localization for susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease on chromosome 16Cavanaugh, J.; Callen, D.; Wilson, S.; Stanford, P.; Sraml, M.; Gorska, M.; Crawford, J.; Whitmore, S.; Shlegel, C.; Foote, S.; Kohonen-Corish, M.; Pavli, P.
1995Initial responses of first year medical students to problem based learning in a behavioural science course: Role of language background and course content.O'Hanlon, A.; Winefield, H.; Hejka, E.; Chur-Hansen, A.
1997Psychiatric morbidity following a natural disaster: an Australian bushfireMcFarlane, A.; Clayer, J.; Bookless, C.
1996Teaching colloquial Australian English to medical students from non-English speaking backgrounds.Chur-Hansen, A.; Barrett, R.
1999Attitudes and experiences of restauranteurs regarding smoking bans in Adelaide, South AustraliaJones, K.; Wakefield, M.; Turnbull, D.
1997Lymphoma incidence, cyclosporin, and the evolution and major impact of malignancy following organ transplantation.Sheil, A.; Disney, A.; Mathew, T.; Livingston, B.; Keogh, A.