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2002A novel androgen receptor mutant, A748T, exhibits hormone concentration-dependent defects in nuclear accumulation and activity despite normal hormone-binding affinityJames, A.; Agoulnik, I.; Harris, J.; Buchanan, G.; Tilley, W.; Marcelli, M.; Lamb, D.; Weigel, N.
2001Hormone status selects for spontaneous somatic androgen receptor variants that demonstrate specific ligand and cofactor dependent activities in autochthonous prostate cancerHan, G.; Foster, B.; Mistry, S.; Buchanan, G.; Harris, J.; Tilley, W.; Greenberg, N.
2001Mutations at the boundary of the hinge and ligand binding domain of the androgen receptor confer increased transactivation functionBuchanan, G.; Yang, M.; Harris, J.; Nahm, H.; Han, G.; Moore, N.; Bentel, J.; Matusik, R.; Horsfall, D.; Marshall, V.; Greenberg, N.; Tilley, W.
2003Dynamic methylation of histone H3 at lysine 4 in transcriptional regulation by the androgen receptorKim, J.; Jia, L.; Tilley, W.; Coetzee, G.
2005Mutation of the androgen receptor causes oncogenic transformation of the prostateHan, G.; Buchanan, G.; Ittmann, M.; Harris, J.; Yu, X.; DeMayo, F.; Tilley, W.; Greenberg, N.
2014Androgen signalling and steroid receptor crosstalk in endocrine cancersClaessens, F.; Tilley, W.
2006Circulating steroid hormones and the risk of prostate cancerSeveri, G.; Morris, H.; MacInnes, R.; English, D.; Tilley, W.; Hopper, J.; Boyle, P.; Giles, G.
2011GSTP1 DNA methylation and expression status is indicative of 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine efficacy in human prostate cancer cellsChiam, K.; Centenera, M.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.; Bianco-Miotto, T.
2017A ZEB1-miR-375-YAP1 pathway regulates epithelial plasticity in prostate cancerSelth, L.; Das, R.; Townley, S.; Coutinho, I.; Hanson, A.; Centenera, M.; Stylianou, N.; Sweeney, K.; Soekmadji, C.; Jovanovic, L.; Nelson, C.; Zoubeidi, A.; Butler, L.; Goodall, G.; Hollier, B.; Gregory, P.; Tilley, W.
2017Novel androgen receptor coregulator GRHL2 exerts both oncogenic and antimetastatic functions in prostate cancerPaltoglou, S.; Das, R.; Townley, S.; Hickey, T.; Tarulli, G.; Coutinho, I.; Fernandes, R.; Hanson, A.; Denis, I.; Carroll, J.; Dehm, S.; Raj, G.; Plymate, S.; Tilley, W.; Selth, L.