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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Homozygotes for FRA16B are normalHocking, T.; Feichtinger, W.; Schmid, M.; Haan, E.; Baker, E.; Sutherland, G.
1999X-inactivation and marker studies in three families with incontinentia pigmenti: implications for counselling and gene localisationWoffendin, H.; Jakins, T.; Jouet, M.; Stewart, H.; Landy, S.; Haan, E.; Harris, A.; Donnai, D.; Read, A.; Kenwrick, S.
1997Clinical features in four patients with Angelman syndrome resulting from paternal uniparental disomySmith, A.; Marks, R.; Haan, E.; Dixon, J.; Trent, R.
1995FRAXE and mental retardationMulley, J.; Yu, S.; Loesch, D.; Hay, D.; Donnelly, A.; Gedeon, A.; Carbonell, P.; Lopez, I.; Glover, G.; Garbarron, I.; Yu, P.; Baker, E.; Haan, E.; Hockey, A.; Knight, S.; Daview, K.; Richards, R.; Sutherland, G.
1998The impact of rubella immunisation on the incidence of rubella, congenital rubella syndrome and rubella-related terminations of pregnancy in South AustraliaCheffins, T.; Chan, A.; Keane, R.; Haan, E.; Hall, R.
1996Clinicopathologic features of congenital aneurysms of the great vesselsAdes, L.; Knight, W.; Byard, R.; Bateman, J.; Esquivel, J.; Mee, R.; Haan, E.; Milewicz, D.
1997FMR2 expression in families with FRAXE mental retardationGecz, J.; Oostra, B.; Hockey, A.; Carbonell, P.; Turner, G.; Haan, E.; Sutherland, G.; Mulley, J.
1997Renal cystic disease in tuberous sclerosis: role of the polycystic kidney disease 1 geneSampson, J.; Maheshwar, M.; Aspinwall, R.; Thompson, P.; Cheadle, J.; Ravine, D.; Roy, S.; Haan, E.; Bernstein, J.; Harris, P.
1996Characterisation of four novel fibrillin-1 mutations in the Marfan syndromeAdes, L.; Haan, E.; Colley, A.; Richards, R.
1995A mutation in the α tropomyosin gene TPM3 associated with autosomal dominant nemaline myopathyLaing, N.; Wilton, S.; Akkari, P.; Dorosz, S.; Boundy, K.; Kneebone, C.; Blumbergs, P.; White, S.; Watkins, H.; Love, D.; Haan, E.