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1996The effect of acute hyperglycaemia on small intestinal motility in normal subjects.Russo, A.; Fraser, R.; Horowitz, M.
1995Outpatient cognitive behavioural therapy with amitriptyline for chronic non-malignant pain: a comparative study with 6-month follow-upPilowsky, I.; Spence, N.; Rounsefell, B.; Forsten, C.; Soda, J.
1999Homozygotes for FRA16B are normalHocking, T.; Feichtinger, W.; Schmid, M.; Haan, E.; Baker, E.; Sutherland, G.
1997Unbalanced t(4;11)(q32-q23) in a 34-year-old man with manifestations of distal monosomy 11q and trisomy 4q syndromesByatt, S.; Baker, E.; Richards, R.; Roberts, C.; Smith, A.
1999Effect of 3 weeks of detraining on the resting metabolic rate and body composition of trained malesLaForgia, J.; Withers, R.; Williams, A.; Murch, B.; Chatterton, B.; Schultz, C.; Leaney, F.
1999Thrombotic microangiopathy related to anticardiolipin antibody in a renal allograftChew, C.; Bannister, K.; Mathew, T.; Russ, G.; Seymour, A.
1995Mechanisms of gastroesophageal reflux in ambulant healthy human subjectsSchoeman, M.; Tippett, M.; Akkermans, L.; Dent, J.; Holloway, R.
1998Maintenance therapy with oral ganciclovir after treatment of cytomegalovirus infectionNankivell, B.; Malouf, M.; Russ, G.; Barclay, P.; Glanville, A.; Allen, R.; O'Connell, P.; Chapman, J.
1995Client and worker satisfaction in a child protection agencyWinefield, H.; Barlow, J.
1997Randomized, comparative trial of 20 micrograms vs 40 micrograms Engerix B vaccine in hepatitis B vaccine non-respondersGoldwater, P.