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1995Exposure to environmental lead and visual motor integration at 7 years: The Port Pirie Cohort StudyBaghurst, P.; McMichael, A.; Tong, S.; Wigg, N.; Vimpani, G.; Robertson, E.
1999Bone growth from 11 to 17 years: relationship to growth, gender and changes with pubertal status including timing of menarcheMagarey, A.; Boulton, T.; Chatterton, B.; Schultz, C.; Nordin, B.; Cockington, R.
1995Client and worker satisfaction in a child protection agencyWinefield, H.; Barlow, J.
1996Mechanisms of Unexpected Death in Infants and Young Children Following Foreign Body IngestionByard, R.
1996Placental weight, birth measurements, and blood pressure at age 8 yearsMoore, V.; Miller, A.; Boulton, T.; Cockington, R.; Hamilton-Craig, I.; Magarey, A.; Robinson, J.
1999Urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin excretion and aging: New results and a critical review of the literatureKennaway, D.; Lushington, K.; Dawson, D.; Lack, L.; van den Heuvel, C.; Rogers, N.
1995Melatonin response in active epilepsySchapel, G.; Beran, R.; Kennaway, D.; McLoughney, J.; Matthews, C.
1997Clinical features in four patients with Angelman syndrome resulting from paternal uniparental disomySmith, A.; Marks, R.; Haan, E.; Dixon, J.; Trent, R.
1999Longitudinal follow-up of the intellectual and academic functioning of children receiving central nervous system-prophylactic chemotherapy for leukemia: A four-year final reportBrown, R.; Sawyer, M.; Antoniou, G.; Toogood, I.; Rice, M.
1998Activator and Begg appliance management of a severe Angle Class II, division 1 malocclusionCameron, J.; Sampson, W.