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2009Designing and using e-assessmentsCrisp, Geoffrey Thomas
2005Divine Discourse: Plagiarism, hybridity and epistemological racism.Cadman, K.; International Conference on Language, Education & Diversity (1st : 2003 : University of Waikato)
2009Gun shot residue analysis and distinguishing the formation of GSR from environmental particlesSarvas, I.; Kobus, H.; Green, L.; Kotula, P.; Wuhrer, R.
2005Are the Chunks Properly Digested? The Use of Corpus Studies to Facilitate the Learning of Academic EnglishPicard, M.; TESOL Arabia Conference (11th : 2005 : Dubai, U.A.E.)
2003Position-Addressable Nano-Scaffolds. I. The Preparation of N O- N C- and N N-Bridged Sesquinorbornadiene Succinimides as Compact Highly Functionalized Addressable Building BlocksWarrener, R.; Margetic, D.; Sun, G.; Russell, R.
2011Student experiences of making and using cheat sheets in mathematical examsButler, D.; Crouch, N.; AAMT-MERGA Conference (2011 : Alice Springs, N.T.)
2007Molecular recognition of DNA by rigid [n]-polynorbornane-derived bifunctional intercalators: Synthesis and evaluation of their binding propertiesVan Vliet, L.; Ellis, T.; Foley, P.; Liu, L.; Pfeffer, F.; Russell, R.; Warrener, R.; Hollfelder, F.; Waring, M.
2002Staff development: A lever for quality assurance?Naidoo, K.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (25th : 2002 : Perth, WA)
2003A Provisional Thumbs Up to New Zealand Bank Call CentresSayers, J.; Barney, A.; Page, C.; Naidoo, K.
2004No end in sight: information skills for academics and researchersWhite, B.; Gendall, R.; Naidoo, K.; International Lifelong Learning Conference (3rd : 13 - 16 June 2004 : Yeppoon, Central Queensland, Australia)