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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A method for describing the syntax and semantics of UML statechartsJin, Y.; Esser, Robert Peter; Janneck, Jorn W.
2001Towards a Requirements Engineering Process ModelEberlein, Armin; Jiang, Li; International Conference on Object Oriented Information Systems (7th : 2001 : Calgary, Canada)
2005Tracking and segmenting people with occlusions by a sample consensus based methodWang, H.; Suter, D.; IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (2005 : Genoa, Italy)
2008Modeling and generating complex motion blur for real-time trackingMei, C.; Reid, I.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (21st : 2008 : Anchorage, AK)
2006Personalized active service spaces for end-user service compositionHan, J.; Han, Y.; Jin, Y.; Wang, J.; Yu, J.; International Conference on Services Computing (3rd : 2006 : Rosemont, USA)
2007System modification case studiesDing, Yulin (Rena); Zhang, Yan; Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (31st : 2007 : Beijing, China)
2009Bayesian multi-object estimation from image observationsVo, B.; Vo, B.; Suter, D.; Pham, N.; International Conference on Information Fusion (12th : 2009 : Seattle, USA)
2009Efficient range query processing in peer-to-peer systemsLi, Dongsheng; Cao, Jiannong; Lu, Xicheng; Chan, Keith C. C.
2005Locally Linear Embedding for Markerless Human Motion Capture using Multiple CamerasTangkuampien, T.; Chin, T.; Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (2005 : Cairns, Australia)
2009A new inconsistency measure for linear systems and two applications in motion analysisNiu, Y.; Dick, A.; Brooks, M.; Bailey, D.; International Conference Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (24th : 2009 : Wellington, New Zealand)