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2020Brief report: psychometric properties of the ability in behavior assessment and interventions for teachers-revised (ABAIT-R)Nair, R.; Dutt, A.; Nielsen, T.
2020Dental services provided by dentists in AustraliaBrennan, D.S.; Chrisopoulos, S.; Luzzi, L.; Teusner, D.N.
2020Dentist-patient relationships and oral health impact in Australian adultsSong, Y.; Luzzi, L.; Chrisopoulos, S.; Brennan, D.
2020Early childhood feeding practices and dental caries among Australian preschoolersDevenish, G.; Mukhtar, A.; Begley, A.; Spencer, A.J.; Thomson, W.M.; Ha, D.; Do, L.; Scott, J.A.
2020Surface-specific caries preventive effect of an intervention comprising fissure sealant, povidone-iodine and fluoride varnish in a remote Indigenous community in AustraliaTadakamadla, S.; Lalloo, R.; Kroon, J.; Johnson, N.
2020Temporomandibular dysfunction among working Australian adults and association with workplace effort-reward imbalanceHanna, K.; Nair, R.; Armfield, J.; Brennan, D.
2020Obesity and periodontitis in Australian adults: a population-based cross-sectional studyKhan, S.; Bettiol, S.; Kent, K.; Barnett, T.; Peres, M.; Crocombe, L.A.
2020Associations between public transport accessibility around homes and schools and walking and cycling among adolescentsZulkefli, S.H.B.; Barr, A.; Singh, A.; Carver, A.; Mavoa, S.; Scheurer, J.; Badland, H.; Bentley, R.
2019Socioeconomic and psychosocial associations with oral health impact and general healthBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.; Roberts-Thomson, K.
2019Preliminary study of the oral mycobiome of children with and without dental cariesFechney, J.; Browne, G.; Prabhu, N.; Laszlo, I.; Meyer, W.; Hughes, T.; Bockmann, M.; Townsend, G.; Hanieh, S.; Adler, C.
2019The importance of increasing the forensic relevance of oral health records for improved human identification outcomesStow, L.; Higgins, D.
2019Early life predictors of brain development at term-equivalent age in infants born across the gestational age spectrumThompson, D.K.; Kelly, C.E.; Chen, J.; Beare, R.; Alexander, B.; Seal, M.L.; Lee, K.; Matthews, L.G.; Anderson, P.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Spittle, A.J.; Cheong, J.L.
2019An appraisal of the role of specific bacteria in the initial pathogenesis of periodontitisBartold, P.; Van Dyke, T.
2019A scoping review of caries risk management protocols in Australia and New ZealandAmarasena, N.; Haag, D.; Peres, K.
2019Thirteen-year outcomes in very preterm children associated with diffuse excessive high signal intensity on neonatal magnetic resonance imagingMurner-Lavanchy, I.M.; Kidokoro, H.; Thompson, D.K.; Doyle, L.W.; Cheong, J.L.; Hunt, R.W.; Inder, T.E.; Anderson, P.J.
2019Salivary characteristics and dental caries experience in remote Indigenous children in Australia: a cross-sectional studyLalloo, R.; Tadakamadla, S.; Kroon, J.; Tut, O.; Kularatna, S.; Boase, R.; Kapellas, K.; Gilchrist, D.; Cobbledick, E.; Rogers, J.; Johnson, N.
2019Characterisation of brain volume and microstructure at term-equivalent age in infants born across the gestational age spectrumThompson, D.K.; Kelly, C.E.; Chen, J.; Beare, R.; Alexander, B.; Seal, M.L.; Lee, K.J.; Matthews, L.G.; Anderson, P.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Cheong, J.L.; Spittle, A.J.
2019Desikan-Killiany-Tourville atlas compatible version of M-CRIB neonatal parcellated whole brain atlas: the M-CRIB 2.0Alexander, B.; Loh, W.Y.; Matthews, L.G.; Murray, A.L.; Adamson, C.; Beare, R.; Chen, J.; Kelly, C.E.; Anderson, P.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Spittle, A.J.; Cheong, J.L.; Seal, M.L.; Thompson, D.K.
2019Genome-wide association study of an unusual dolphin mortality event reveals candidate genes for susceptibility and resistance to cetacean morbillivirusBatley, K.; Sandoval-Castillo, J.; Kemper, C.; Attard, C.; Zanardo, N.; Tomo, I.; Beheregaray, L.; Möller, L.
2019How are the built environment and household travel characteristics associated with children's active transport in Melbourne, Australia?Carver, A.; Barr, A.; Singh, A.; Badland, H.; Mavoa, S.; Bentley, R.