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2016Critique of the review of 'water fluoridation for the prevention of dental caries' published by the Cochrane Collaboration in 2015Rugg-Gunn, A.; Spencer, A.; Whelton, H.; Jones, C.; Beal, J.; Castle, P.; Cooney, P.; Johnson, J.; Kelly, M.; Lennon, M.; McGinley, J.; O'Mullane, D.; Sgan-Cohen, H.; Sharma, P.; Thomson, W.; Woodward, S.; Zusman, S.
2005Clustering of risk behaviours for oral and general healthSanders, A.; Spencer, A.; Stewart, J.
2009Trends in access to dental care among Australian childrenEllershaw, A.; Spencer, A.
2007The independent contribution of neighborhood disadvantage and individual-level socioeconomic position to self-reported oral health: a multilevel analysisTurrell, G.; Sanders, A.; Slade, G.; Spencer, A.; Marcenes, W.
2007Does psychological stress mediate social deprivation in tooth loss?Sanders, A.; Slade, G.; Turrell, G.; Spencer, A.; Marcenes, W.
2009Factors influencing caries experience among adults with physical and intellectual disabilitiesPradhan, A.; Slade, G.; Spencer, A.
2002Health, mental well-being, and musculoskeletal disorders: a comparison between Swedish and Australian dental hygienistsYlipaa, V.; Szuster, F.; Spencer, A.; Preber, H.; Benko, S.; Arnetz, B.
2012Reassessment at 6-7 years of age of a randomized controlled trial initiated before birth to prevent early childhood cariesPlutzer, K.; Spencer, A.; Keirse, M.
2011Global Oral Health Inequalities: Task Group - Implementation and delivery of oral health strategiesSheiham, A.; Alexander, D.; Cohen, L.; Marinho, V.; Moyses, S.; Petersen, P.; Spencer, A.; Watt, R.; Weyant, R.
2008Efficacy of an oral health promotion intervention in the prevention of early childhood cariesPlutzer, K.; Spencer, A.