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2001Costochondral grafts in reconstruction of the temporomandibular joint after condylectomy: an experimental study in sheepMatsuura, H.; Miyamoto, H.; Ishimaru, J.; Kurita, K.; Goss, A.
2011Severe adverse reactions to dental local anaesthetics: systemic reactionsSambrook, P.; Smith, W.; Elijah, J.; Goss, A.
2014Protocol in managing oral surgical patients taking dabigatranBreik, O.; Cheng, A.; Sambrook, P.; Goss, A.
2011Higher concentration local anaesthetics causing prolonged anaesthesia. Do they? A literature review and case reportsKingon, A.; Sambrook, P.; Goss, A.
2006Bisphosphonates and the osteonecrosis of the jawSambrook, P.; Olver, I.; Goss, A.
2003Tranexamic acid mouthwash versus autologous fibrin glue in patients taking warfarin undergoing dental extractions: A randomized prospective clinical studyCarter, G.; Goss, A.; Lloyd, J.; Tocchetti, R.
2003Tranexamic acid mouthwash - A prospective randomized study of a 2-day regimen vs 5-day regimen to prevent postoperative bleeding in anticoagulated patients requiring dental extractionsCarter, G.; Goss, A.
2018Antibiotic resistance in severe odontogenic infections of the South Australian population: a 9-year retrospective auditLiau, I.; Han, J.; Bayetto, K.; May, B.; Goss, A.; Sambrook, P.; Cheng, A.
2000Matrix metalloproteinase and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase in serum and lavage synovial fluid of patients with temporomandibular joint disordersIshimaru, J.; Oguma, Y.; Goss, A.