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2003Dahl appliances used for the restorative management of localised anterior tooth erosionYip, K.; Smales, R.; Kaidonis, J.
2004Clinical and technical aspects of occlusal reconstruction in oral rehabilitationYip, K.; Smales, R.; Kaidonis, J.
2003The diagnosis and control of extrinsic acid erosion of tooth substanceYip, K.; Smales, R.; Kaidonis, J.
2002The effects of two cavity preparation methods on the longevity of glass ionomer cement restorations - An evaluation after 12 monthsYip, K.; Smales, R.; Gao, W.; Deng, D.
2000In vitro assessment of a resin modified glass-ionomer cement as a pit and fissure sealantSmales, R.; Ho, T.; Gao, W.; 39th Annual Meeting ANZ Division, International Association for Dental Research (27 Sep 1999 : Adelaide, Australia)
2002Comparison of atraumatic restorative treatment and conventional cavity preparations for glass-ionomer restorations in primary molars: One-year resultsYip, K.; Smales, R.; Yu, C.; Gao, X.; Deng, D.
2007Mathematical analysis of occlusal rest design for cast removable partial denturesLuk, N.; Wu, V.; Liang, B.; Chen, Y.; Yip, K.; Smales, R.
2007Fracture resistance of roots with thin walls restored using an intermediate resin composite layer placed between the dentine and cast metal postLiang, B.; Chen, Y.; Wu, X.; Yip, K.; Smales, R.
2007Effectiveness and dentin bond strengths of two materials for reinforcing thin-walled rootsWu, X.; Chan, A.; Chen, Y.; Yip, K.; Smales, R.
2007Long-term survival of direct and indirect restorations placed for the treatment of advanced tooth wearSmales, R.; Berekally, T.