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2007Effect of a ferrule and increased clinical crown length on the In Vitro fracture resistance of premolars restored using two dowel-and-core systemsMeng, Q.; Chen, Y.; Guang, H.; Yip, K.; Smales, R.
2009Optimum post and tooth root diameters for a cast post-core systemMou, Y.; Chen, Y.; Smales, R.; Yip, K.
2010Identifying and reducing risks for potential fractures in endodontically treated teethTang, W.; Wu, Y.; Smales, R.
2008Comparative evaluation of micro-implant and headgear anchorage used with a pre-adjusted appliance systemMa, J.; Wang, L.; Zhang, W.; Chen, W.; Zhao, C.; Smales, R.
2009Fracture resistance after simulated crown lengthening and forced tooth eruption of endodontically-treated teeth restored with a fiber post-and-core systemMeng, Q.; Chen, L.; Meng, J.; Chen, Y.; Smales, R.; Yip, K.
2012Apical root resorption in maxillary incisors when employing micro-implant and J-hook headgear anchorage: a 4-month radiographic studyWang, Q.; Chen, W.; Smales, R.; Peng, H.; Hu, X.; Yin, L.
2012Oral diagnosis and treatment planning: part 5. Preventive and treatment planning for dental cariesYip, K.; Smales, R.
2012Oral diagnosis and treatment planning: Part 6. Preventive and treatment planning for periodontal diseaseCorbet, E.; Smales, R.
2011Report and analysis of periodicals of oral science in ChinaWei, T.; Wu, Y.; Tang, W.; Smales, R.
2008Translucency and biaxial flexural strength of four ceramic core materialsChen, Y.; Smales, R.; Yip, K.; Sung, W.