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2020Species range shifts along multistressor mosaics in estuarine environments under future climateLauchlan, S.S.; Nagelkerken, I.
2019The validity of optimal leaf traits modelled on environmental conditionsBloomfield, K.; Prentice, I.; Cernusak, L.; Eamus, D.; Medlyn, B.; Rumman, R.; Wright, I.; Boer, M.; Cale, P.; Cleverly, J.; Egerton, J.; Ellsworth, D.; Evans, B.; Hayes, L.; Hutchinson, M.; Liddell, M.; Macfarlane, C.; Meyer, W.; Togashi, H.; Wardlaw, T.; et al.
2019Impacts of recent climate change on terrestrial flora and fauna: some emerging Australian examplesHoffmann, A.; Rymer, P.; Byrne, M.; Ruthrof, K.; Whinam, J.; McGeoch, M.; Bergstrom, D.; Guerin, G.; Sparrow, B.; Joseph, L.; Hill, S.; Andrew, N.; Camac, J.; Bell, N.; Riegler, M.; Gardner, J.; Williams, S.
2019How practitioners integrate decision triggers with existing metrics in conservation monitoringFoster, C.; O'Loughlin, L.; Sato, C.; Westgate, M.; Barton, P.; Pierson, J.; Balmer, J.; Catt, G.; Chapman, J.; Detto, T.; Hawcroft, A.; Jones, G.; Kavanagh, R.; McKay, M.; Marshall, D.; Moseby, K.; Perry, M.; Robinson, D.; Seddon, J.; Tuft, K.; et al.
2019Searching for an effective pre-release screening tool for translocations: can trap temperament predict behaviour and survival in the wild?West, R.; Blumstein, D.; Letnic, M.; Moseby, K.
2019Marine isotope stage 4 in Australasia: a full glacial culminating 65,000 years ago – global connections and implications for human dispersalDe Deckker, P.; Arnold, L.; van der Kaars, S.; Bayon, G.; Stuut, J.; Perner, K.; Lopes dos Santos, R.; Uemura, R.; Demuro, M.
2019Genetic perspectives on the historical introduction of the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) to AustraliaIannella, A.; Peacock, D.; Cassey, P.; Schwensow, N.
2019Systematic planning can rapidly close the protection gap in Australian mammal havensRingma, J.; Legge, S.; Woinarski, J.; Radford, J.; Wintle, B.; Bentley, J.; Burbidge, A.; Copley, P.; Dexter, N.; Dickman, C.; Gillespie, G.; Hill, B.; Johnson, C.; Kanowski, J.; Letnic, M.; Manning, A.; Menkhorst, P.; Mitchell, N.; Morris, K.; Moseby, K.; et al.
2019Rift and plate boundary evolution across two supercontinent cyclesMerdith, A.; Williams, S.; Brune, S.; Collins, A.; Müller, R.
2019Persistence through tough times: fixed and shifting refuges in threatened species conservationReside, A.; Briscoe, N.; Dickman, C.; Greenville, A.; Hradsky, B.; Kark, S.; Kearney, M.; Kutt, A.; Nimmo, D.; Pavey, C.; Read, J.; Ritchie, E.; Roshier, D.; Skroblin, A.; Stone, Z.; West, M.; Fisher, D.
2019Variation in leaf wax n-alkane characteristics with climate in the broad-leaved paperbark (Melaleuca quinquenervia)Andrae, J.; McInerney, F.; Tibby, J.; Henderson, A.; Hall, P.; Marshall, J.; McGregor, G.; Barr, C.; Greenway, M.
2019Understanding predator densities for successful co-existence of alien predators and threatened preyMoseby, K.; Letnic, M.; Blumstein, D.; West, R.
2019Continental outbuilding along the margin of an Archean cratonic nucleus in the North China CratonYang, Q.; Santosh, M.; Kim, S.
2019Hybrid capture data unravel a rapid radiation of pimpliform parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Pimpliformes)Klopfstein, S.; Langille, B.; Spasojevic, T.; Broad, G.; Cooper, S.; Austin, A.; Niehuis, O.
2019Metabolic effects on carbon isotope biomarkers in fishMartino, J.; Doubleday, Z.; Gillanders, B.
2019A multi-gene phylogeny of Australian Monomorium Mayr (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) results in reinterpretation of the genus and resurrection of Chelaner EmerySparks, K.; Andersen, A.; Austin, A.
2019Plio-Pleistocene diversification and biogeographic barriers in southern Australia reflected in the phylogeography of a widespread and common lizard speciesAnsari, M.; Cooper, S.; Schwarz, M.; Ebrahimi, M.; Dolman, G.; Reinberger, L.; Saint, K.; Donnellan, S.; Bull, C.; Gardner, M.
2019Reversing the effects of evolutionary prey naiveté through controlled predator exposureRoss, A.; Letnic, M.; Blumstein, D.; Moseby, K.
2019Using hominin introgression to trace modern human dispersalsTeixeira, J.; Cooper, A.
2019Temporal shifts in the distribution of murine rodent body size classes at Liang Bua (Flores, Indonesia) reveal new insights into the paleoecology of Homo floresiensis and associated faunaVeatch, E.; Tocheri, M.; Sutikna, T.; McGrath, K.; Wahyu Saptomo, E.; Jatmiko; Helgen, K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5837