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2024The inhibited response of accessory minerals during high-temperature reworkingMarch, S.; Hand, M.; Morrissey, L.; Kelsey, D.
2023Investigating microplastic contamination and biomagnification in a remote area of South AustraliaOgunola, S.O.; Reis-Santos, P.; Wootton, N.; Gillanders, B.M.; Pitt, K.
2023A new species of barred frog, Mixophyes (Anura: Myobatrachidae) from south-eastern Australia identified by molecular genetic analysesMAHONY, M.J.; BERTOZZI, T.; GUZINSKI, J.; HINES, H.B.; DONNELLAN, S.C.
2023Taking eDNA underground: factors affecting eDNA detection of subterranean fauna in groundwatervan der Heyde, M.; White, N.E.; Nevill, P.; Austin, A.D.; Stevens, N.; Jones, M.; Guzik, M.T.
2023Innovation to limit seafood fraud post-COVID-19Lindley, J.; De Sousa, E.; Doubleday, Z.; Reis-Santos, P.
2023Macroecological and biogeographical patterns of limb reduction in the world's skinksCamaiti, M.; Evans, A.R.; Hipsley, C.A.; Hutchinson, M.N.; Meiri, S.; de Oliveira Anderson, R.; Slavenko, A.; Chapple, D.G.
2023Antarctic Landfast Sea Ice: A Review of Its Physics, Biogeochemistry and EcologyFraser, A.D.; Wongpan, P.; Langhorne, P.J.; Klekociuk, A.R.; Kusahara, K.; Lannuzel, D.; Massom, R.A.; Meiners, K.M.; Swadling, K.M.; Atwater, D.P.; Brett, G.M.; Corkill, M.; Dalman, L.A.; Fiddes, S.; Granata, A.; Guglielmo, L.; Heil, P.; Leonard, G.H.; Mahoney, A.R.; McMinn, A.; et al.
2023Community recommendations for geochemical data, services and analytical capabilities in the 21st centuryKlöcking, M.; Wyborn, L.; Lehnert, K.A.; Ware, B.; Prent, A.M.; Profeta, L.; Kohlmann, F.; Noble, W.; Bruno, I.; Lambart, S.; Ananuer, H.; Barber, N.D.; Becker, H.; Brodbeck, M.; Deng, H.; Deng, K.; Elger, K.; de Souza Franco, G.; Gao, Y.; Ghasera, K.M.; et al.
2023Expanding Antarctic biogeography: microbial ecology of Antarctic island soilsLebre, P.H.; Bosch, J.; Coclet, C.; Hallas, R.; Hogg, I.D.; Johnson, J.; Moon, K.L.; Ortiz, M.; Rotimi, A.; Stevens, M.I.; Varliero, G.; Convey, P.; Vikram, S.; Chown, S.L.; Cowan, D.A.
2023Understanding conflict among experts working on controversial species: A case study on the Australian dingoDonfrancesco, V.; Allen, B.L.; Appleby, R.; Behrendorff, L.; Conroy, G.; Crowther, M.S.; Dickman, C.R.; Doherty, T.; Fancourt, B.A.; Gordon, C.E.; Jackson, S.M.; Johnson, C.N.; Kennedy, M.S.; Koungoulos, L.; Letnic, M.; Leung, L.K.P.; Mitchell, K.J.; Nesbitt, B.; Newsome, T.; Pacioni, C.; et al.
2023Understanding China's political will for sustainability and conservation gainsCheung, H.; Feng, Y.P.; Hinsley, A.; Lee, T.M.; Possingham, H.P.; Smith, S.N.; Thomas-Walters, L.; Wang, Y.; Biggs, D.
2023The use of different 16S rRNA gene variable regions in biogeographical studies.Varliero, G.; Lebre, P.H.; Stevens, M.I.; Czechowski, P.; Makhalanyane, T.; Cowan, D.A.
2023Location, location, location: survival of Antarctic biota requires the best real estate.Stevens, M.I.; Mackintosh, A.N.
2023Key lessons from new perspectives on Australian coastal managementHarvey, N.; Smith, T.F.
2023The early Cambrian Emu Bay Shale radiodonts revisited: morphology and systematicsPaterson, J.R.; García-Bellido, D.C.; Edgecombe, G.D.
2023Life-history characteristics and climate correlates of dioecious plant species in central southern AustraliaDraper, J.T.; Delean, S.; Conran, J.G.; Weinstein, P.; Simpson, B.S.; Venn, S.
2023Comparing “apples” and “oranges” in the Woodford Shale: Pitfalls of the thermal maturity gradient approach for constraining evolution of mudrock porosityBaruch, E.T.; Löhr, S.C.; Han, S.; Dewhurst, D.N.; Collins, A.S.
2023Revisiting the late Quaternary fossiliferous infills of Cathedral Cave, Wellington Caves (central eastern New South Wales, Australia)Fusco, D.A.; Arnold, L.J.; Gully, G.A.; Levchenko, V.A.; Jacobsen, G.E.; Prideaux, G.J.
2023Parallel and convergent genomic changes underlie independent subterranean colonization across beetlesBalart-García, P.; Aristide, L.; Bradford, T.M.; Beasley-Hall, P.G.; Polak, S.; Cooper, S.J.B.; Fernández, R.
2023Phylogeography of a widespread Australian freshwater fish, western carp gudgeon (Eleotridae: Hypseleotris klunzingeri): Cryptic species, hybrid zones, and strong intra-specific divergencesUnmack, P.J.; Cook, B.D.; Johnson, J.B.; Hammer, M.P.; Adams, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 6077