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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Delegation based on cheap talkZhang, S.X.; Bayer, R.-C.
2022Improving water markets in Spain: Lesson-drawing from the Murray-Darling Basin in AustraliaPalomo, S.; Loch, A.; Perez-Blanco, D.
2022Public awareness of and participation in municipal solid waste management in urban areas of the Mekong River Delta, VietnamKhong, T.D.; Loch, A.; Huynh, D.X.T.; Brears, R.C.
2022Evidence of the rebound effect from installing rooftop solar in a developing countryNguyen, L.; Rhode, N.; Ratnasiri, S.; Wagner, L.; 43rd IAEE International Conference (31 Jul 2022 - 4 Aug 2022 : Tokyto, Japan)
2022A Survey of Papers Using Indonesian Firm-Level Data: Research Questions and Insights for Novel Policy-Relevant Research in EconomicsMarquez-Ramos, L.
2022Internationalization and knowledge management strategies of service firms: impact of regulatory environment in regional marketsFindlay, C.; Rammal, H.G.; Rose, E.; Pereira, V.
2022Debunking Murray-Darling Basin water trade mythsWheeler, S.A.
2021An improved quality assessment framework to better inform large-scale forest restoration managementDing, Z.; Li, R.; O'Connor, P.; Zheng, H.; Huang, B.; Kong, L.; Xiao, Y.; Xu, W.; Ouyang, Z.
2021Estimating the effects of non-discriminatory trade policies within structural gravity modelsHeid, B.S.; Yotov, Y.V.; Larch, M.
2021Is competition from China so special?Heid, B.S.; Mínguez, R.; Mindondo, A.
2021Sustainable meat: Looking through the eyes of Australian consumersGarcez de Oliveira Padilha, L.; Malek, L.; Umberger, W.J.
2021Global value chains, firms, and wage inequality: Evidence from ChinaWang, W.; Thangavelu, S.; Lin, F.
2021Empirical evidence on the dynamics of investment under uncertainty in the U.S.Haque, Q.; Magnusson, L.M.; Kazuki, T.
2021Do we really know that US monetary policy was destabilizing in the 1970s?Haque, Q.; Groshenny, N.; Weder, M.
2021The missing anchor: Why the EU should join the CPTPPDraper, P.; McDonagh, N.; Lowy Institute
2021Credit Guidance for a Desired Economy: An Original Institutional Economics Critique of FinancializationMcDonagh, N.
2021Evaluation of sustainable rice farming systems in the Mekong River DeltaKhong, T.D.; Loch, A.; Brears, R.C.
2021Uncertainty shocks and inflation dynamics in the U.SHaque, Q.; Magnusson, L.M.
2021Economics of Water SecurityBhaduri, A.; Dionisio Pérez-Blanco, C.; Rey, D.; Iftekhar, S.; Kaushik, A.; Escriva-Bou, A.; Calatrava, J.; Adamson, D.; Palomo-Hierro, S.; Jones, K.; Asbjornsen, H.; Altamirano, M.A.; Lopez-Gunn, E.; Polyakov, M.; Motlagh, M.; Bekchanov, M.; Bogardi, J.J.; Gupta, J.; Nandalal, K.D.W.; Salamé, L.; van Nooijen, R.R.P.; Kumar, N.; Tingsanchali, T.; Bhaduri, A.; Kolechkina, A.G.
2021The Golden Gift of Groundwater in Australia’s MDBAdamson, D.; Auricht, C.; Loch, A.; Choi, S.H.; Shin, E.; Makarigakis, A.K.; Sohn, O.; Clench, C.; Trudeau, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1607