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2023A three-layer joint distributionally robust chance-constrained framework for optimal day-ahead scheduling of e-mobility ecosystemBagheri Tookanlou, M.; Pourmousavi, S.A.; Marzband, M.
2023Consensus for Multi-Agent Systems under Output Constraints and Unknown Control DirectionsSun, Y.; Yan, B.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.C.
2023Lithium niobate photonics: Unlocking the electromagnetic spectrumBoes, A.; Chang, L.; Langrock, C.; Yu, M.; Zhang, M.; Lin, Q.; LonĨar, M.; Fejer, M.; Bowers, J.; Mitchell, A.
2023Ridge waveguide couplers with leaky mode resonator-like wavelength responsesSchoenhardt, S.; Boes, A.; Nguyen, T.G.; Mitchell, A.
2023Event-Triggered Quantized Input-Output Finite-Time Synchronization of Markovian Neural NetworksShi, P.; Li, X.; Zhang, Y.; Yan, J.
2023Semi-global Periodic Event-triggered Output Regulation for Nonlinear Multi-agent SystemsZheng, S.; Shi, P.; Zhang, H.
2023Fast finite-time tracking consensus with applications on multiple servo motorsZheng, S.; Shi, P.; Xie, Y.; Wang, S.
2023Resilient and event-triggered control of stochastic jump systems under deception and denial of service attacksXu, Y.; Chai, S.; Shi, P.; Zhang, B.; Wang, Y.
2023Logic-based switching finite-time stabilization with applications in mechatronic systemsZheng, S.; Wang, S.; Chen, X.; Xie, Y.; Shi, P.; Jiang, Z.
2023Finite-Time Synchronization and Energy Consumption Prediction for Multilayer Fractional-Order NetworksTong, D.; Ma, B.; Chen, Q.; Wei, Y.; Shi, P.
2023Asynchronous Control for Discrete-Time Markovian Jump Systems with Multiplicative NoiseWang, S.; Wu, Z.G.; Shi, P.; Wu, Z.
2023Disturbance Utilization-Based Tracking Control for the Fixed-Wing UAV With Disturbance EstimationHuang, Z.; Chen, M.; Shi, P.
2023Intravascular Imaging of Atherosclerosis by Using Engineered NanoparticlesLi, J.; Centurion, F.; Chen, R.; Gu, Z.
2023On the nonlinear relationship between wall shear stress topology and multi-directionality in coronary atherosclerosisCarpenter, H.J.; Ghayesh, M.H.; Zander, A.C.; Psaltis, P.J.
2023Fuzzy-model-based lateral control for networked autonomous vehicle systems under hybrid cyber-attacksLian, Z.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.C.; Yuan, X.
2023Soot structure and flow characteristics in turbulent non-premixed methane flames stabilised on a bluff-bodyRowhani, A.; Sun, Z.; Chinnici, A.; Medwell, P.R.; Nathan, G.J.; Dally, B.B.
2023Terahertz metasurface for near-field beam conversionStephen Li, M.; Tanyi Ako, R.; Sriram, S.; Fumeaux, C.; Withayachumnankul, W.
2023Subwavelength Grating-Assisted Contra-Directional Couplers in Lithium Niobate on InsulatorHan, X.; Jiang, Y.; Xiao, H.; Yuan, M.; Nguyen, T.G.; Boes, A.; Ren, G.; Zhang, Y.; Hao, Q.; Su, Y.; Mitchell, A.; Tian, Y.
2023Quantifying the predictability of renewable energy data for improving power systems decision-makingKarimi-Arpanahi, S.; Pourmousavi, S.A.; Mahdavi, N.
2023Quantization-Based Event-Triggered Consensus of Multiagent Systems Against Aperiodic DoS AttacksZhang, Y.; Wu, Z.G.; Shi, P.; Huang, T.; Chakrabarti, P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3294