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1989Road crash cervical injuries: a radiological study of fatalitiesCain, Christopher Marden John; Simpson, Donald A.; Ryan, Gerald Anthony; Manock, C. H.; James, Ross Alexander
1989Non-fatal injuries among motorcyclists treated as inpatients in a general hospitalWong, T. W.; Phoon, W. O.; Lee, Jaclyn; Yiu, P. C.; Fung, K. P.; Smith, Geoff; McLean, Jack
1989Neurotrauma in country hospitals: the role of Computerized Tomography scanningSimpson, Donald A.; Worth, R. J.
1989Brain injury: the structural basis of functional disabilitySimpson, Donald A.; Recovery from brain injury - expectations, needs and processes (2-7 September 1989 : Adelaide, Australia)
1986Severity of injuries in road crashes: a comparison of injured occupants of forward control vehicles and conventional passenger carsPaix, B. R.; Gibson, T. J.; McLean, Jack; Woodward, Alistair J.
1986International comparison of drivers' blood alcohol levelsHolubowycz, Oksana T.; McLean, Jack; Lawson, J.; Wolfe, A.; Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety - T86 (1986 : Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
1986Side-effects of random breath testing by the policeMcLean, Jack; Holubowycz, Oksana T.; Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety - T86 (1986 : Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
1987Legal limits of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and road accidents in AustraliaHolubowycz, Oksana T.; International Medical Advisory Conference (16th : 1987 : Melbourne, Australia)
1987The effects of demographic changes on road accident fatality ratesMcLean, Jack; Heyworth, J. S.
1986NeurotraumaSimpson, Donald A.