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2013Dynamic modeling of the coproduction of liquid fuels and electricity from a hybrid solar gasifier with various fuel blendsKaniyal, A.; van Eyk, P.; Nathan, G.
2011Sodium and potassium released from burning particles of brown coal and pine wood in a laminar premixed methane flame using quantitative laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyHsu, L.; Alwahabi, Z.; Nathan, G.; Li, Y.; Li, Z.; Alden, M.
2010Solvent effects on two-line atomic fluorescence of indiumChan, Q.; Medwell, P.; Kalt, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Dally, B.; Nathan, G.
2013Experimental and computational study of soot evolution in a turbulent nonpremixed bluff body ethylene flameMueller, M.; Chan, Q.; Qamar, N.; Dally, B.; Pitsch, H.; Alwahabi, Z.; Nathan, G.
2011The influence on the soot distribution within a laminar flame of radiation at fluxes of relevance to concentrated solar radiationMedwell, P.; Nathan, G.; Chan, Q.; Alwahabi, Z.; Dally, B.
2010Effect of a uniform electric field on soot in laminar premixed ethylene/air flamesWang, Y.; Nathan, G.; Alwahabi, Z.; King, K.; Ho, J.; Yao, Q.
2011Soot sheet dimensions in turbulent nonpremixed flamesQamar, N.; Nathan, G.; Alwahabi, Z.; Chan, Q.
2010On turbulent jets issuing from notched-rectangular and circular orifice platesMi, J.; Kalt, P.; Nathan, G.
2013Polygeneration of liquid fuels and electricity by the atmospheric pressure hybrid solar gasification of coalKaniyal, A.; van Eyk, P.; Nathan, G.; Ashman, P.; Pincus, J.
2012The effects of temperature and hydrodynamics on the crystallization fouling under cross flow conditionsHasan, B.; Nathan, G.; Ashman, P.; Craig, R.; Kelso, R.