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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The gene encoding the ketogenic enzyme HMGCS2 displays a unique expression during gonad development in miceBagheri-Fam, S.; Chen, H.; Wilson, S.; Ayers, K.; Hughes, J.; Sloan-Bena, F.; Calvel, P.; Robevska, G.; Puisac, B.; Kusz-Zamelczyk, K.; Gimelli, S.; Spik, A.; Jaruzelska, J.; Warenik-Szymankiewicz, A.; Faradz, S.; Nef, S.; Pié, J.; Thomas, P.; Sinclair, A.; Wilhelm, D.; Yenugu, S.
2020Effects of intragastric tryptophan on acute changes in the plasma tryptophan/large neutral amino acids ratio and relationship with subsequent energy intake in lean and obese menHajishafiee, M.; Ullrich, S.S.; Steinert, R.E.; Poppitt, S.D.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.D.; Horowitz, M.; Feinle-Bisset, C.
2021NK1 antagonists attenuate tau phosphorylation after blast and repeated concussive injuryCorrigan, F.; Cernak, I.; McAteer, K.; Hellewell, S.C.; Rosenfeld, J.V.; Turner, R.J.; Vink, R.
2019GAL₃ receptor knockout mice exhibit an alcohol-preferring phenotypeGenders, S.G.; Scheller, K.J.; Jaehne, E.J.; Turner, B.J.; Lawrence, A.J.; Brunner, S.M.; Kofler, B.; van den Buuse, M.; Djouma, E.
2023Enhanced mitotic arrest and chromosome resolution for cytogenetic analysis in the eastern mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrookiMousavi, S.E.; Grützner, F.; Patil, J.G.
2018Association between the EPHX2 p.Lys55Arg polymorphism and prognosis following an acute coronary syndromeOni-Orisan, A.; Cresci, S.; Jones, P.G.; Theken, K.N.; Spertus, J.A.; Lee, C.R.
1996Functional interference between hypoxia and dioxin signal transduction pathways: competition for recruitment of the Arnt transcription factorGradin, K.; McGuire, J.; Wenger, R.; Kvietikova, I.; Whitelaw, M.; Toftgard, R.; Tora, L.; Gassman, M.; Poellinger, L.
2021Toll-like receptor-4 null mutation causes fetal loss and fetal growth restriction associated with impaired maternal immune tolerance in mice.Chan, H.Y.; Moldenhauer, L.M.; Groome, H.M.; Schjenken, J.E.; Robertson, S.A.
2017Protection against maternal infection-associated fetal growth restriction: proof-of-concept with a microbial-derived immunomodulatorScott, N.; Lauzon-Joset, J.; Jones, A.; Mincham, K.; Troy, N.; Leffler, J.; Serralha, M.; Prescott, S.; Robertson, S.; Pasquali, C.; Bosco, A.; Holt, P.; Strickland, D.
2018Induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cells promote angiogenesis and accelerate wound closure in a murine excisional wound healing modelClayton, Z.; Tan, R.; Miravet, M.; Lennartsson, K.; Cooke, J.; Bursill, C.; Wise, S.; Patel, S.