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2012Plastid DNA in the nucleus: new genes for oldRousseau, M.; Ayliffe, M.; Timmis, J.
2012Plastid Sequences Contribute to Some Plant Mitochondrial GenesWang, D.; Rousseau, M.; Timmis, J.
2012Nuclear genome diversity in somatic cells is accelerated by environmental stressWang, D.; Lloyd, A.; Timmis, J.
1997Differences of histone H4 acetylation and replication timing between A and B chromosomes of Brachycome dichromosomaticaHouben, A.; Belyaev, N.; Leach, C.; Timmis, J.
1995Organisation and origin of a B chromosome centromeric sequence from Brachycome dichromosomaticaLeach, C.; Donald, T.; Franks, T.; Spiniello, S.; Hanrahan, C.; Timmis, J.
1995A hypervariable middle repetitive DNA sequence from citrusOrford, S.; Scott, N.; Timmis, J.
1995The chromosomal location and phylogeny of a highly repeated sequence in the B chromosome of Brachycome dichromosomaticaLeach, C.; Donald, T.; Franks, T.; Spiniello, S.; Timmis, J.
1997Ribosomal RNA genes specific to the B chromosomes in Brachycome dichromosomatica are not transcribed in leaf tissueDonald, T.; Houben, A.; Leach, C.; Timmis, J.
1997A repetitive DNA sequence common to the different B chromosomes of the genus BrachycomeHouben, A.; Leach, C.; Verlin, D.; Rofe, R.; Timmis, J.
1997A novel method for development of species and strain-specific DNA proves and PCR primers for identifying Burkholderia Solanacearum (formerly Pseudomonas Solanacearum)Opina, N.; Tavner, F.; Hollway, G.; Wang, J.F.; Li, T.H.; Maghirang, R.; Fegan, M.; Hayward, A.; Krishnapillai, V.; Hong, W.; Holloway, B.; Timmis, J.