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2024Challenges of polymer‐based pH sensing in soilEbadati, E.; Switalska, E.; Lombi, E.; Warren‐Smith, S.C.; Evans, D.
2023Anisotropic molecular coarse-graining by force and torque matching with neural networksWilson, M.O.; Huang, D.M.
2023The bacterial cytochrome P450 (CYP) CYP125 enzymes can competitively oxidise sitosterol in the presence of cholesterolDoherty, D.Z.; Ghith, A.; Ho, A.; De Voss, J.J.; Bell, S.G.
2023A marine isotope stage 13 Acheulian sequence from the Amanzi Springs Area 2 Deep Sounding excavation, Eastern Cape, South Africa.Caruana, M.V.; Wilson, C.G.; Arnold, L.J.; Blackwood, A.F.; Demuro, M.; Herries, A.I.R.
2023Charge “mis-matched” hydrogen bonded frameworks for cation exchange and dye sorptionMuang-Non, P.; Markwell-Heys, A.W.; Doonan, C.J.; White, N.G.
2023Spin-2 Kaluza-Klein scattering in a stabilized warped backgroundChivukula, R.S.; Foren, D.; Mohan, K.A.; Sengupta, D.; Simmons, E.H.
2023From biomolecules to biogeochemistry: Exploring the interaction of an indigenous bacterium with goldSanyal, S.K.; Pukala, T.; Mittal, P.; Reith, F.; Brugger, J.; Etschmann, B.; Shuster, J.
2023Singlet fission preserves polarisation correlation of excitonsde la Perrelle, J.M.; Tapping, P.C.; Schrefl, E.; Stuart, A.N.; Huang, D.M.; Kee, T.W.
2023Manifestation of the coupling phase in microwave cavity magnonicsGardin, A.; Bourhill, J.; Vlaminck, V.; Person, C.; Fumeaux, C.; Castel, V.; Tettamanzi, G.C.
2023Large-area epitaxial growth of InAs nanowires and thin films on hexagonal boron nitride by metal organic chemical vapor depositionVilasam, A.G.S.; Adhikari, S.; Gupta, B.; Balendhran, S.; Higashitarumizu, N.; Tournet, J.; Li, L.; Javey, A.; Crozier, K.B.; Karuturi, S.; Jagadish, C.; Tan, H.H.
2023Power Dependence of the Magnetic Field Effect on Triplet Fusion: A Quantitative ModelForecast, R.; Gholizadeh, E.M.; Prasad, S.K.K.; Blacket, S.; Tapping, P.C.; McCamey, D.R.; Tayebjee, M.J.Y.; Huang, D.M.; Cole, J.H.; Schmidt, T.W.
2023The role of zircon in hydrothermal heavy REE mineralisation: The case for unconformity-related ore deposits of north-west AustraliaWalsh, J.M.J.; Spandler, C.
2023The effect of in-situ metasomatism on the electrical resistivity of the lower crustJennings, S.; Hasterok, D.; Hand, M.; Bhowany, K.
2023Towards multimodal cellular imaging: optical and X-ray fluorescenceGraziotto, M.E.; Kidman, C.J.; Adair, L.D.; James, S.A.; Harris, H.H.; New, E.J.
2023Understanding the structural landscape of Mn-based MOFs formed with hinged pyrazole carboxylate linkersSmernik, J.F.; Gimeno-Fonquernie, P.; Albalad, J.; Jones, T.S.; Young, R.J.; Champness, N.R.; Doonan, C.J.; Evans, J.D.; Sumby, C.J.
2023Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics of steady-state fluid transport through a 2D membrane driven by a concentration gradientRankin, D.J.; Huang, D.M.
2023Controlled formation of gold nanoparticles with tunable plasmonic properties in tellurite glassWei, Y.; Zhao, J.; Fuhrmann, S.; Sajzew, R.; Wondraczek, L.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.
2023Influence of the photopolymerization matrix on the indicator response of optical fiber pH sensorsLee, K.J.; Capon, P.K.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Keenan, E.; Brownfoot, F.C.; Schartner, E.P.
2023Protein-induced modifications in crystal morphology of a hydrogen-bonded organic frameworkFlint, K.L.; Evans, J.D.; Carraro, F.; Renner, S.; Linder-Patton, O.M.; Amenitsch, H.; Falconer, R.J.; White, N.G.; Sumby, C.J.; Falcaro, P.; Doonan, C.J.
2023Enhanced Bioactivity of Enzyme/MOF Biocomposite via Host Framework EngineeringLiang, W.; Flint, K.; Yao, Y.; Wu, J.; Wang, L.; Doonan, C.; Huang, J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1746