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2014Review of worldwide activities in liquid-fed pulsed plasma thrusterRezaeiha, A.; Schönherr, T.
2010A review, supported by experimental results, of voltage, charge and capacitor insertion method for driving piezoelectric actuatorsMinase, J.; Lu, T.; Cazzolato, B.; Grainger, S.
2005Review: Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxideTan, S.; Zou, L.; Hu, E.
2014Reynolds number effects in DNS of pipe flow and comparison with channels and boundary layersChin, C.; Monty, J.; Ooi, A.
2014Reynolds-number-dependent turbulent inertia and onset of log region in pipe flowsChin, C.; Philip, J.; Klewicki, J.; Ooi, A.; Marusic, I.
2007Rheological behavior of semi-solid Al-Si alloys: Effect of morphologyLashkari, O.; Ghomashchi, R.
2009The Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in magnetohydrodynamicsWheatley, Vincent; Samtaney, R.; Pullin, D. I.
2011Rigid circular inclusion squeezed by semi-infinite elastic planesKotooussov, A.
2003RMS values for force, stroke and deflection in a quarter-car model active suspension with previewThompson, A.; Pearce, C.
2003RMS values of force, stroke and tyre deflection in a half-car model with preview controlled active suspensionThompson, A.; Davis, B.
2000RMS Valves for control force, suspension stroke and tyre deflection in an active suspensionThompson, A.; Davis, B.
2006Robust autopilot design with maximum stability radiusAkmeliawati, R.; Chow, K.Y.; IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) (15 Dec 2006 - 17 Dec 2006 : Mumbai, India)
2013Robust image matching algorithm using SIFT on multiple layered strategiesChen, Y.; Shang, L.; Hu, E.
2007Robust stability in feedback active noise controlLeclercq, D.; Kidner, M.; Hansen, C.; International Congress on Sound and Vibration (14th : 2007 : Cairns, Australia)
2012The role of CFD combustion modeling in hydrogen safety management - II: Validation based on homogeneous hydrogen-air experimentsSathiah, P.; Van Haren, S.; Komen, E.; Roekaerts, D.
2012The role of CFD combustion modeling in hydrogen safety management - Part I: Validation based on small scale experimentsSathiah, P.; Komen, E.; Roekaerts, D.
2014Role of Cr additions in enhancing wear and oxidation resistance of (Mo₁-ₓCrₓ)Si₂ nanocrystalline filmsXu, J.; Li, Z.; Munroe, P.; Xie, Z.
2008The role of hydrogen addition on the structure and stability of hydrocarbon flames in a JHC burnerMedwell, P.; Kalt, P.; Dally, B.; High Temperature Air Combustion and Gasification International Symposium (7th : 2008 : Phuket, Thailand) )
2002The role of large scale mixing and radiation in the scaling of NOx emissions from unconfined flamesNewbold, G.; Nathan, G.; Nobes, D.; Turns, S.
2006The role of microsegregation in centreline cold cracking of high strength low alloy steel weldmentsBrown, I.