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2012Subcooled flow boiling heat transfer of ethanol aqueous solutions in vertical annulus spaceSarafraz, M.; Peyghambarzadeh, S.; Vaeli, N.
2007Suitability of martian environmental conditions for crop growth on MarsHender, Matthew Ross
2011Suppression of Maglev track-induced self-excited vibration using an adaptive cancellation algorithmZhou, D.; Li, J.; Hansen, C.
2011Suppression of maglev vehicle-girder self-excited vibration using a virtual tuned mass damperZhou, D.; Hansen, C.; Li, J.
2013Suppression of the stationary maglev vehicle-bridge coupled resonance using a tuned mass damperZhou, D.; Li, J.; Hansen, C.
2010Surface acoustic wave based wireless MEMS actuators for biomedical applicationsDissanayake, D.; Al-Sarawi, S.; Abbott, D.
2013Surface electronic structure and mechanical characteristics of copper-cobalt oxide thin film coatings: soft X-ray synchrotron radiation spectroscopic analyses and modelingAmri, A.; Jiang, Z.; Bahri, P.; Yin, C.; Zhao, X.; Xie, Z.; Duan, X.; Widjaja, H.; Rahman, M.; Pryor, T.
2001Surface Pressure Measurements of the Orthogonal Vortex InteractionDoolan, C.; Coton, F.; Galbraith, R.
2012Surface Strain Measurements Using a 3D Scanning Laser VibrometerWeisbecker, H.; Cazzolato, B.; Wildy, S.; Marburg, S.; Codrington, J.; Kotooussov, A.
2003Surgical Instrument for Introducing Intervertebral implantsFuss, Franz Konstantin; Sabitzer, Ronald J.; Eckhof, Stephan
2018Suspension characteristics and electrophoretic deposition of p-Type Bi2Te3 films for thermoelectric applicationsTalebi, T.; Ghomashchi, R.; Talemi, P.; Aminorroaya, S.
2002Swirling turbulent non-premixed flames of methane: flow field and compositional structureKalt, P.; Al-Abdeli, Y.; Masri, A.; Barlow, R.
2014Synergistic toughening of hard, nacre-mimetic MoSi₂ coatings by self-assembled hierarchical structureXu, J.; Zhao, X.; Munroe, P.; Xie, Z.
2013A system identification approach to the characterization and control of a piezoelectric tube actuatorMohammadzaheri, M.; Grainger, S.; Bazghaleh, M.
2015A systematic study of maghemite/PMMA nano-fibrous composite via an electrospinning process: synthesis and characterizationKhanlou, H.; Ang, B.; Talebian, S.; Barzani, M.; Silakhori, M.; Fauzi, H.
2014Tailoring the physicochemical and mechanical properties of optical copper-cobalt oxide thin films through annealing treatmentAmri, A.; Jiang, Z.; Zhao, X.; Xie, Z.; Yin, C.; Ali, N.; Mondinos, N.; Rahman, M.; Habibi, D.
2014Tandem cylinder flow and noise predictions using a hybrid RANS/LES approachWeinmann, M.; Sandberg, R.; Doolan, C.
2012Techno-economic assessment of the application of small-scale wind turbinesKurji, R.; Arjomandi, M.
2017Techno-economic evaluation of modular hybrid concentrating solar power systemsLim, J.; Dally, B.; Chinnici, A.; Nathan, G.
2019Temperature and reaction zone imaging in turbulent swirling dual-fuel flamesEvans, M.; Sidey, J.; Ye, J.; Medwell, P.; Dally, B.; Mastorakos, E.