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2013A system identification approach to the characterization and control of a piezoelectric tube actuatorMohammadzaheri, M.; Grainger, S.; Bazghaleh, M.
2015A systematic study of maghemite/PMMA nano-fibrous composite via an electrospinning process: synthesis and characterizationKhanlou, H.; Ang, B.; Talebian, S.; Barzani, M.; Silakhori, M.; Fauzi, H.
2014Tailoring the physicochemical and mechanical properties of optical copper-cobalt oxide thin films through annealing treatmentAmri, A.; Jiang, Z.; Zhao, X.; Xie, Z.; Yin, C.; Ali, N.; Mondinos, N.; Rahman, M.; Habibi, D.
2014Tandem cylinder flow and noise predictions using a hybrid RANS/LES approachWeinmann, M.; Sandberg, R.; Doolan, C.
2012Techno-economic assessment of the application of small-scale wind turbinesKurji, R.; Arjomandi, M.
2017Techno-economic evaluation of modular hybrid concentrating solar power systemsLim, J.; Dally, B.; Chinnici, A.; Nathan, G.
2019Temperature and reaction zone imaging in turbulent swirling dual-fuel flamesEvans, M.; Sidey, J.; Ye, J.; Medwell, P.; Dally, B.; Mastorakos, E.
2014Temperature imaging of turbulent dilute spray flames using two-line atomic fluorescenceMedwell, P.; Masri, A.; Pham, P.; Dally, B.; Nathan, G.
2011Test-Retest Reliability of the Biodex System 4 Isokinetic Dynamometer for Knee Strength Assessment in Paediatric PopulationsTsiros, M.; Grimshaw, P.; Shield, A.; Buckley, J.
1995Testing of ENVIRON induction units with rockwool and perforated panels in use with multi lobe nozzles and profiled side wallPetrovic, V. M.; Luxton, R. E.
2014Texture inheritance of cold drawn pearlite steel wires after austenitizationFang, F.; Zhao, Y.; Zhou, L.; Hu, X.; Xie, Z.; Jiang, J.
2012Theoretical analysis of a non-contact spring with inclined permanent magnets for load-independent resonance frequencyRobertson, W.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2003Theoretical and experimental investigation of the spatial filtering properties of a number of concentric annular strain sensorsKidner, M.; Batton, B.; Johnson, M.
2007Theoretical and experimental results of the transmission loss of a plate with discrete masses attachedHoward, C.; International Congress on Sound and Vibration (14th : 2007 : Cairns, Australia)
2015Theoretical and experimental study of fatigue growth of interacting cracksKotousov, A.; Chang, D.
2009Theoretical design parameters for a quasi-zero stiffness magnetic spring for vibration isolationRobertson, W.; Kidner, M.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2011Theoretical model for roughness induced opening of cracks subjected to compression and shear loadingKotooussov, A.; Bortolan Neto, L.; Rahman, S.
2015Theoretical model of an evacuated tube heat pipe solar collector integrated with phase change materialNaghavi, M.; Ong, K.; Badruddin, I.; Mehrali, M.; Silakhori, M.; Metselaar, H.
1995A theoretical study of the effect of weld geometry parameters on fatigue crack propagation lifeNguyen, T. Ninh; Wahab, Muhammad Abdul
1996The theory of a multi-degree-of-freedom dynamic absorberRam, Y.; Elhay, S.