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2015Turbulent pipe flow at Reτ ≈ 1000 : a comparison of wall-resolved large-eddy simulation, direct numerical simulation and hot-wire experimentChin, C.; Ng, H.; Blackburn, H.; Monty, J.; Ooi, A.
2015"Turn-of-the-nut" method is not appropriate for use in cancellous boneRyan, M.; Mohtar, A.; Costi, J.; Reynolds, K.
2009A two-component two-phase dissipative particle dynamics modelTiwari, A.; Abraham, J.
2011Two-dimensional and three-dimensional acoustic loading on cylinders due to a point sourceMorshed, M.; Zander, A.; Hansen, C.
2012Two-dimensional direct numerical simulation evaluation of the flame-surface density model for flames developing from an ignition kernel in lean methane/air mixtures under engine conditionsReddy, H.; Abraham, J.
2003Two-photon laser-induced fluorescence measurement of CO in turbulent non-premixed bluff body flamesDally, B.; Masri, A.; Barlow, R.; Fiechtner, G.
2019Uncoupling the effects of aspect ratio, Reynolds number and Rossby number on a rotating insect-wing planformBhat, S.; Zhao, J.; Sheridan, J.; Hourigan, K.; Thompson, M.
2001Understanding Active Noise CancellationHansen, C.
2002Understanding active noise cancellation - Book reviewKidner, M.
2019Understanding and interpreting laser diagnostics in flames: a review of experimental measurement techniquesEvans, M.; Medwell, P.
2014Understanding of the flow behaviour on a Helmholtz resonator excited by grazing flowGhanadi, F.; Arjomandi, M.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2013Unifying model of carpal mechanics based on computatinally derived isometric constraints and rules-based motion - the stable central column theorySandow, M.; Fisher, T.; Howard, C.; Papas, S.
2014Uniting superhardness and damage-tolerance in a nanosandwich-structured Ti-B-N coatingXu, J.; Li, Z.; Xie, Z.; Munroe, P.
2013Unraveling the mechanical and tribological properties of a novel Ti₅Si₃/Tic nanocomposite coating synthesized by a double glow discharge plasma techniqueXu, J.; Liu, L.; Jiang, L.; Munroe, P.; Xie, Z.
2009Unsteady flamelet response in the near field of high-reynolds-number jetsVenugopal, R.; Abraham, J.
1995Use of genetic algorithms to optimise actuator placement for active control of interior noise in a cylinder with floor structureSimpson, M.; Hansen, C.
1996The use of optimally shaped piezo-electric film sensors in the active control of free field structural radiation, Part 2: Feedback ControlSnyder, Scott D.; Tanaka, Nobuo; Kikushima, Y.
1995The use of optimally shapes piezoelectric film sensors int he active control of free field structural radiation part 1 : Feedforward controlSnyder, Scott D.; Tanaka, Nobuo; Kikushima, Y.
2012The use of turbulence generators to mitigate crystallization fouling under cross flow conditionsHasan, B.; Nathan, G.; Ashman, P.; Craig, R.; Kelso, R.
2012Using boundary conditions to account for mean flow effects in a zero mach number acoustic solverMotheau, E.; Nicoud, F.; Poinsot, T.