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2016Characterisation of wind farm infrasound and low-frequency noiseZajamšek, B.; Hansen, K.; Doolan, C.; Hansen, C.
2010Characteristics of carbon monoxide oxidization in rich hydrogen by mesoporous silica with TiO₂ photocatalystNishimura, A.; Yamano, Y.; Hisada, T.; Hirota, M.; Hu, E.
2000Characteristics of fluorescein dye and temperature fluctuations in a turbulent near-wakeRehab, H.; Antonia, R. A.; Djenidi, L.; Mi, Jianchun
2019Characteristics of swirling and precessing flows generated by multiple confined jetsLong, S.; Lau, T.; Chinnici, A.; Tian, Z.; Dally, B.; Nathan, G.
2017Characteristics of turbulent n-heptane jet flames in a hot and diluted coflowYe, J.; Medwell, P.; Evans, M.; Dally, B.
2004Characterization of conducting polymer coated synthetic fabrics for heat generationHakansson, E.; Kaynak, A.; Lin, T.; Saeid, N.; Jones, T.; Hu, E.
2014Characterization of short-duration high-energy ball milled WC-Co powders and subsequent consolidationsRaihanuzzaman, R.; Jeong, T.; Ghomashchi, R.; Xie, Z.; Hong, S.
2006Characterization of Solidification Path for Aluminum 6060 Weld Metal with Variable 4043 Filler DilutionConiglio, N.; Cross, C.
2005Characterization of turbulent jets from high-aspect-ratio rectangular nozzlesMi, J.; Deo, R.; Nathan, G.
2017Chemical reaction mechanism, microstructural characteristics and mechanical properties of in situ (α-Al₂O₃+ZrB₂)/Al compositesZhu, H.; Yu, Z.; Hua, B.; Li, J.; Huang, J.; Xie, Z.
2015Clarification on temperature distribution in single cell of polymer electrolyte fuel cell under different operation conditions by means of 1D multi-plate heat-transfer modelNishimura, A.; Fukuoka, T.; Baba, M.; Hirota, M.; Hu, E.
2017Classification and lift-off height prediction of non-premixed MILD and autoignitive flamesEvans, M.; Medwell, P.; Wu, H.; Stagni, A.; Ihme, M.
2008Closing the gap through technologyFuss, Franz Konstantin
2002Cluster control of a distributed-parameter planar structure- Middle authority controlTanaka, Nobuo; Snyder, Scott D.
2010Coating composition, weld parameter and consumable conditioning effects on weld metal composition in shielded metal arc weldingConiglio, N.; Linton, V.; Gamboa, E.
2002The collaboration that developed the flame for the Sydney Olympic TorchNathan, G.
2006Collapse load for a crack in a plate with a mismatched welded jointKotooussov, A.; Jaffar, M.
2009A combination of linear and nonlinear activation functions in neural networks for modeling a de-superheaterMohammadzaheri, M.; Chen, L.; Ghaffari, A.; Willison, J.
2006Combined grain refining and modification of conventional and rheo-cast A356 Al–Si alloyNafisi, S.; Ghomashchi, R.
2018Combined solar energy and combustion of hydrogen-based fuels under MILD conditionsChinnici, A.; Nathan, G.; Dally, B.