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2016Formation of vortices on a tubercled wing, and their effects on dragBolzon, M.; Kelso, R.; Arjomandi, M.
2004Fracture in hydrated and dehydrated dentineKahler, W.; Kotooussov, A.
2007Fracture in plates of finite thicknessKotooussov, A.
2017Fracture, roughness and phase transformation in CAD/CAM milling and subsequent surface treatments of lithium metasilicate/disilicate glass-ceramicsAlao, A.; Stoll, R.; Song, X.; Abbott, J.; Zhang, Y.; Abduo, J.; Yin, L.
2018Fracture-free surfaces of CAD/CAM lithium metasilicate glass-ceramic using micro-slurry jet erosionYin, L.; Baba, T.; Nakanishi, Y.
1996The free vibration of a string with moving boundary conditions by method of distorted imagesRam, Yitshak M.; Caldwell, James
2005Frequency domain expressions for the estimation of time-averaged acoustic energy densityCazzolato, B.; Ghan, J.
2019Frequency response of initially deflected nanotubes conveying fluid via a nonlinear NSGT modelFarajpour Ouderji, A.; Ghayesh, M.; Farokhi, H.
2012Frequency shifting listening deviceCheng, N.; Wong, W.; Cazzolato, B.; Prime, Z.; Hewett, K.; Burgemeister, K.; Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society (2012 : Fremantle, Western Australia)
2003Friction stir welding of magnesium alloy AZ31B to aluminium alloy 5083McLean, A.; Powell, G.; Brown, I.; Linton, V.
2009From CT scans to CFD modeling - fluid and heat transfer in a realistic human nasal cavityInthavong, K.; Wen, J.; Tu, J.; Tian, Z.
2016Fuel efficient intelligent control of heavy trucksAhmed, H.; Faris, W.; Akmeliawati, R.
2009Fuel-air mixing characteristics of DI hydrogen jetsOwston, R.; Magi, V.; Abraham, J.
2008The Fully Instrumented Climbing Wall: Performance Analysis, Route Grading and Vector Diagrams - A Preliminary Study.Fuss, F.; Niegl, G.
2018Functionally graded microbeams: simultaneous presence of imperfection and viscoelasticityGhayesh, M.
2009Fundamental and higher-mode Rayleigh wave characteristics of ambient seismic noise in New ZealandBrooks, L.; Townend, J.; Gerstoft, P.; Bannister, S.; Carter, L.
2015Fundamental physics of flame development in an autoigniting dual fuel mixtureWang, Z.; Abraham, J.
2002Fundamental solutions for the generalised plane strain theoryKotooussov, A.; Wang, C.
2004Fundamentals of supercritical mixing and combustion of cryogenic propellantsSmith, J. J.
2006Further comments on the paper by Zinoviev and Bies, "On acoustic radiation by a rigid object in a fluid flow" - Authors' replyZinoviev, Alexei Iurjevich; Bies, David A.