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2011An investigation into the effect of electric field on the performance of Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma actuatorsCheong, M.; Greig, A.; Gibson, B.; Arjomandi, M.
2011An investigation into the sensory application of DBD plasma actuators for pressure measurementHollick, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Cazzolato, B.
2007Investigation of a combustion driven oscillation in a refinery flare - Part B: Visualisation of a periodic flow instability in a bifurcating duct following a contractionRiese, M.; Kelso, R.; Nathan, G.; Mullinger, P.
2015An investigation of channel flow with a smooth air-water interfaceMadad, R.; Elsnab, J.; Chin, C.; Klewicki, J.; Marusic, I.
2012Investigation of combustion enhancement by ozone additive in CH₄/air flames using direct laminar burning velocity measurements and kinetic simulationsWang, Z.; Yang, L.; Li, B.; Li, Z.; Sun, Z.; Aldén, M.; Cen, K.; Konnov, A.
2016Investigation of hydrogen assisted cracking in acicular ferrite using site-specific micro-fracture testsCostin, W.; Lavigne, O.; Kotousov, A.; Ghomashchi, R.; Linton, V.
2007Investigation of plasticity-induced fatigue crack closureCodrington, J.; Kotooussov, A.; Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (5th : 2007 : Brisbane, Australia)
2008Investigation of plasticity-induced fatigue crack closureCodrington, J.; Kotousov, A.
2014An investigation of residual stress, hardness, and texture on stress corrosion cracking in a gas pipelineLaw, M.; Luzin, V.; Linton, V.; Gamboa, E.
2013Investigation of the bucket wheel reclaimer's cutting trajectory to define optimal voxel shapeMyo, T.; Lu, T.
1997An investigation of the coupling loss factor for a cylinder/plate structureTso, Y.; Hansen, C.
2011Investigation of the effect of dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators on the radar cross section of an objectWolf, S.; Arjomandi, M.
2007An investigation of the effect of the hot end plugs on the efficiency of the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tubeArjomandi, M.; Xue, Y.
2013Investigation of the flow structures in supersonic free and impinging jet flowsChin, C.; Li, M.; Harkin, C.; Rochwerger, T.; Chan, L.; Ooi, A.; Risborg, A.; Soria, J.
1996An Investigation of the Formation of Hollow Bead Defects in Pipeline Field WeldsCantin, G. M. Delphine; Bee, J. V.
2000An investigation of the interaction of a molten droplet with a liquid weld pool surface: a computational and experimental approachDavies, M. H.; Wahab, Muhammad Abdul; Painter, M. J.
2010Investigation of thermo-mechanical properties of slurry based thermal barrier coatings under repeated thermal shockNguyen, P.; Kotooussov, A.; Ho, S.; Wildy, S.
2010An investigation of three-dimensional effects on the performance of tubercles at low reynolds numbersHansen, K.; Kelso, R.; Dally, B.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (17th : 2010 : Auckland, New Zealand)
2009An Investigation on the Effect of the Hot End Plugs on the Efficiency of the Ranque-Hilsch Vortex TubeArjomandi, M.; Xue, Y.
2007Investigations of drop impact on dry walls with a lattice-Boltzmann modelMukherjee, S.; Abraham, J.