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2012Intelligent Condition Monitoring Systems for an AUV RobotAnvar, A.; Garcha, M.; Saliba, R.; Singh, T.; Anvar, A.; Grainger, S.
2012Intelligent condition monitoring systems for unmanned aerial vehicle robotsAnvar, A.; Dowling, T.; Putland, T.; Anvar, A.; Grainger, S.
2011Intelligent control of a nonlinear tank reactorMohammadzaheri, M.; Chen, L.
2011Intelligent energy management control of vehicle air conditioning via look-ahead systemKhayyam, H.; Nahavandi, S.; Hu, E.; Kouzani, A.; Chonka, A.; Abawajy, J.; Marano, V.; Davis, S.
2008Intelligent modelling of MIMO nonlinear dynamic process plants for predictive control purposesMohammadzaheri, M.; Chen, L.; World Congress The International Federation of Automatic control (17th : 2008 : Seoul, Korea)
2010Intelligent predictive control of a model helicopter's yaw angleMohammadzaheri, M.; Chen, L.
2002Intelligent systems techniques and their application in manufacturing systemsLu, T.; Lin, G.
1996Interaction between a vortex wake and an immersed rectangular plateBull, M.; Blazewicz, A.; Pickles, J.; Bies, D.
2009The interaction of a bluff body with a vortex wakeLeclercq, D.; Doolan, C.
2014Interaction of a flow-excited Helmholtz resonator with a grazing turbulent boundary layerGhanadi, F.; Arjomandi, M.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2008Interactions of decelerating drops moving in tandemKumari, N.; Abraham, J.
2007Interactions of hydrogen flames with walls: Influence of wall temperature, pressure, equivalence ratio, and diluentsOwston, R.; Magi, V.; Abraham, J.
2007Interdisciplinary education in anatomy: it works for staff tooMackintosh, S.; King, S.; Grimshaw, P.; Massy-Westropp, N.
2016Interfacial heat transfer during hot metal forming operations assuming scale failure effectsKrzyzanowski, M.; Beynon, J.
2016Internal energy transfer in dynamical behavior of slightly curved shear deformable microplatesGhayesh, M.; Farokhi, H.; Alici, G.
2015Internal energy transfer in dynamical behaviour of Timoshenko microarchesGhayesh, M.; Farokhi, H.
2017Internal-model-based velocity tracking control of a submerged three-tether wave energy converterSergiienko, N.; Cazzolato, B.; Hardy, P.; Arjomandi, M.; Ding, B.; 12th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC 2017) (27 Aug 2017 - 01 Sep 2017 : Cork, Ireland)
2014International family profiles and parental school choice in TokyoVelliaris, D.; Willis, C.
2003Intervertebral implantFuss, Franz Konstantin; Sabitzer, Ronald J.; Eckhof, Stephan
2018Introduction of polymer-based nanocompositesHooshmand Zaferani, S.