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2014ECG parametric modeling based on signal dependent orthogonal transformBaali, H.; Akmeliawati, R.; Salami, M.; Khorshidtalab, A.; Lim, E.
2013The economic assessment of micro wind turbines for South AustraliaBourne, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Kurji, R.
2014Economic evaluation of a novel fuel-saver hybrid combining a solar receiver with a combustor for a solar power towerNathan, G.; Battye, D.; Ashman, P.
2014The effect of a cavity on airfoil tonesSchumacher, K.; Doolan, C.; Kelso, R.
2007Effect of a delta-winglet vortex pair on the performance of a tube-fin heat exchangerAllison, C.; Dally, B.
2001The Effect of a Preceding Blade on the Orthogonal Vortex InteractionDoolan, C.; Cotton, F.; Galbraith, R.
2014Effect of a rigid wall on the vortex induced vibration of two staggered circular cylindersDerakhshandeh, J.; Arjomandi, M.; Cazzolato, B.; Dally, B.
2007Effect of a thin plastic adhesive layer on the stress singularities in a bi-material wedgeKotooussov, A.
2010Effect of a uniform electric field on soot in laminar premixed ethylene/air flamesWang, Y.; Nathan, G.; Alwahabi, Z.; King, K.; Ho, J.; Yao, Q.
2012Effect of a variation in material properties on the crack tip opening displacementCodrington, J.; Kotooussov, A.; Chang, D.
2014The effect of acoustic forcing on an airfoil tonal noise mechanismSchumacher, K.; Doolan, C.; Kelso, R.
2013Effect of Al addition upon mechanical robustness and corrosion resistance of Mo₅Si₃/MoSi₂ gradient nanocomposite coatingsXu, J.; Liu, L.; Li, Z.; Munroe, P.; Xie, Z.
2014The effect of an acute antioxidant supplementation compared with placebo on performance and hormonal response during a high volume resistance training sessionAckerman, J.; Clifford, T.; McNaughton, L.; Bentley, D.
2014The effect of arrangement of two circular cylinders on the maximum efficiency of Vortex-Induced Vibration power using a Scale-Adaptive Simulation modelDerakhshandeh, J.; Arjomandi, M.; Daily, B.; Cazzolato, B.
2012The effect of boundary layer type on trailing edge noise from sharp-edged flat plates at low-to-moderate Reynolds numberMoreau, D.; Brooks, L.; Doolan, C.
2010Effect of compression on the acoustic absorption of coir fiberNor, M.; Ayub, M.; Zulkifli, R.; Hosseini Fouladi, M.; Amin, N.
2011Effect of Cr alloying on friction and wear of sputter-deposited nanocrystalline (MoₓCr₁₋ₓ)₅Si₃ filmsXu, J.; Xie, Z.; Munroe, P.
2016Effect of degeneration on the six degree of freedom mechanical properties of human lumbar spine segmentsAmin, D.; Sommerfeld, D.; Lawless, I.; Stanley, R.; Ding, B.; Costi, J.
2010The effect of density ratio on the near field of a naturally occurring oscillating jetEngland, G.; Kalt, P.; Nathan, G.; Kelso, R.
2010Effect of different factors on the acoustic absorption of coir fiberNor, M.; Ayub, M.; Zulkifli, R.; Amin, N.; Fouladi, M.