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2011Vaporization effects on transient diesel spray structureBajaj, C.; Abraham, J.; Pickett, L.
2015Varying stiffness and load distributions in defective ball bearings: analytical formulation and application to defect size estimationPetersen, D.; Howard, C.; Prime, Z.
2002Varying the Stiffness of a Beam-Like Neutralizer Under Fuzzy Logic ControlKidner, M.; Brennan, M.
2015Velocity and orientation distributions of fibrous particles in the near-field of a turbulent jetQi, G.; Nathan, G.; Lau, T.
1997Velocity and Reynolds stresses in a precessing jet flowSchneider, G.; Hooper, J.; Musgrove, A.; Nathan, G.; Luxton, R.
1998Velocity decay in a precessing jet flowSchneider, G.; Nathan, G.; Luxton, R.
2007Velocity measurements in a circular jet from an orifice plate with high initial turbulence intensityMi, J.; Kalt, P.; Nathan, G.
1997Velocity measurements in a precessing jet flow using a three dimensional LDA systemSchneider, G.; Froud, N.; Syred, N.; Nathan, G.; Luxton, R.
2019Vertical axis wind turbine types, efficiencies, and structural stability - A reviewRehman, S.; Rafique, M.; Alam, M.; Alhems, L.
2002Vertically integrated projects and the importance of organisational culture amongst the student bodySnyder, Scott D.
2004Vibration Absorbers: A Review of Applications in Interior Noise Control of Propeller AircraftWright, R.; Kidner, M.
2003Vibration analysis of waffle floorsHoward, C.; Hansen, C.
1995The vibration of an axially moving string in a bounded regionRam, Yitshak M.; Caldwell, James
2010Vibration of snowboard decksFuss, F.; Cazzolato, B.; Shepherd, A.; Harding, J.; International Sports Engineering Conference (ISEA conference) (12 Jul 2010 - 16 Jul 2010 : Vienna, Austria)
2009Vibration suppression of a principal parametric resonanceChen, L.; He, F.; Sammut, K.
2007Vibration transducer principles and types of vibration transducersHansen, C.
2005Vibro-acoustic noise control treatments for payload bays of launch vehicles: Discrete to fuzzy solutionsHoward, C.; Hansen, C.; Zander, A.
2003Virtual error sensing for active noise control in a one-dimensional waveguide: Performance prediction versus measurement (L)Munn, J.; Cazzolato, B.; Kestell, C.; Hansen, C.
2001Virtual sensors in active noise controlKestell, C.; Hansen, C.; Cazzolato, B.
2011Visualization of the flow structure in a vortex tubeXue, Y.; Arjomandi, M.; Kelso, R.