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2009Design and stability discussion of an hybrid intelligent controller for an unordinary systemMohammadzaheri, M.; Chen, L.
2009Theoretical design parameters for a quasi-zero stiffness magnetic spring for vibration isolationRobertson, W.; Kidner, M.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2009Reaction zone weakening effects under hot and diluted oxidant stream conditionsMedwell, P.; Kalt, P.; Dally, B.
2009Kinetostatic modeling of 3-RRR compliant micro-motion stages with flexure hingesYong, Y.; Lu, T.
2009Mechanics of flight in ski jumping: aerodynamic stability in roll and yawMarques-Bruna, P.; Grimshaw, P.
2009Acoustics standards and noise control engineering educationQiu, X.; Hansen, C.H.; 38th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering 2009 (INTER-NOISE 2009) (23 Aug 2009 - 26 Aug 2009 : Ottawa, Canada)
2009Medical imaging and processing methods for cardiac flow reconstructionWong, K.; Kelso, R.; Worthley, S.; Sanders, P.; Mazumdar, J.; Abbott, D.
2009A novel measurement system for cardiac flow analysis applied to phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging of the heartWong, K.; Kelso, R.; Worthley, S.; Sanders, P.; Mazumdar, J.; Abbott, D.; International Congress of the IUPESM (11th : 2009 : Munich, Germany)
2009From CT scans to CFD modeling - fluid and heat transfer in a realistic human nasal cavityInthavong, K.; Wen, J.; Tu, J.; Tian, Z.
2009Quasi-one-dimensional model of hydrogen-fueled scramjet combustorsBirzer, C.; Doolan, C.