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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004N-acetylcysteine, a novel treatment for Helicobacter pylori infectionHuynh, H.; Couper, R.; Tran, C.; Moore, L.; Kelso, R.; Butler, R.
2004Preliminary investigations of vortex rings and jets in cross flowHassan, E.; Kelso, R.; Schneider, G.; Lau, T.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (15th : 2004 : Sydney, Australia)
2009Medical imaging and processing methods for cardiac flow reconstructionWong, K.; Kelso, R.; Worthley, S.; Sanders, P.; Mazumdar, J.; Abbott, D.
2009A novel measurement system for cardiac flow analysis applied to phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging of the heartWong, K.; Kelso, R.; Worthley, S.; Sanders, P.; Mazumdar, J.; Abbott, D.; International Congress of the IUPESM (11th : 2009 : Munich, Germany)
2003Phase-averaged velocity in a fluidic precessing jet nozzle and in its near external fieldWong, C.; Lanspeary, P.; Nathan, G.; Kelso, R.; O'Doherty, T.
2008The naturally oscillating flow emerging from a fluidic precessing jet nozzleWong, C.; Nathan, G.; Kelso, R.
2005Improved Particle Interactions in a Fluid FlowTruce, R.; Wilkins, J.; Nathan, G.; Kelso, R.; Kalt, P.; Indigo Technologies Group Pty Ltd
2003Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Volume 27, Issue 5, May 2003Dally, B.; Kelso, R.; Nathan, G.; Denier, J.
2003Low kinetic-energy loss oscillating-triangular-jet nozzlesLee, S.; Lanspeary, P.; Nathan, G.; Kelso, R.; Mi, J.
2004Three-dimensional structure of a low-Reynolds-number turbulent boundary layerDelo, C.; Kelso, R.; Smits, A.