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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A Kalman filter approach to virtual sensing for active noise controlPetersen, C.; Fraanje, R.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.; Hansen, C.
2009Theoretical design parameters for a quasi-zero stiffness magnetic spring for vibration isolationRobertson, W.; Kidner, M.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2007A moving zone of quiet for narrowband noise in a one-dimensional duct using virtual sensingPetersen, C.; Zander, A.; Cazzolato, B.; Hansen, C.
2006Transducer sensitivity compensation using diagonal preconditioning for time reversal and Tikhonov inverse filtering in acoustic systemsDumuid, P.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2005Active control of energy density in a one-dimensional waveguide: a cautionary noteCazzolato, B.; Petersen, C.; Howard, C.; Zander, A.
2009Active noise control in a pure tone diffuse sound field using virtual sensingMoreau, D.; Ghan, J.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2008A review of virtual sensing algorithms for active noise controlMoreau, D.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.; Petersen, C.
2008Numerical comparison of thermoacoustic couples with modified stack plate edgesZoontjens, L.; Howard, C.; Zander, A.; Cazzolato, B.
2008A comparison of filter design structures for multi-channel acoustic communication systemsDumuid, P.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.
2007Active noise control with a virtual acoustic sensor in a pure-tone diffuse sound fieldMoreau, D.; Ghan, J.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.; International Congress on Sound and Vibration (14th : 2007 : Cairns, Australia)