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2016Acoustic end-correction in a flow-reversal end chamber muffler: a semi-analytical approachMimani, A.; Munjal, M.
2017CFD simulation of aerosol delivery to a human lung via surface acoustic wave nebulizationYousefi, M.; Pourmehran, O.; Gorji-Bandpy, M.; Inthavong, K.; Yeo, L.; Tu, J.
2018Structure and properties of hydrophobic CeO₂−x coatings synthesized by reactive magnetron sputtering for biomedical applicationsKabir, M.; Munroe, P.; Gonçales, V.; Zhou, Z.; Xie, Z.
2018Hierarchical nanostructure of CrCoNi film underlying its remarkable mechanical strengthChen, Y.; Zhou, Z.; Munroe, P.; Xie, Z.
2012Nonlinear vibrations and stability of parametrically exited systems with cubic nonlinearities and internal boundary conditions: a general solution procedureGhayesh, M.; Kazemirad, S.; Reid, T.
2014Nonlinear identification of a small scale unmanned helicopter using optimized NARX network with multiobjective differential evolutionTijani, I.; Akmeliawati, R.; Legowo, A.; Budiyono, A.
2014Nonlinear size-dependent behaviour of single-walled carbon nanotubesGhayesh, M.
2014Numerical modeling of sodium fire - Part I: spray combustionSathiah, P.; Roelofs, F.
2016Experimental study of CFDST columns infilled with UHPC under close-range blast loadingZhang, F.; Wu, C.; Zhao, X.; Xiang, H.; Li, Z.; Fang, Q.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Heidarpour, A.; Packer, J.
2014Numerical modeling of sodium fire - Part II: pool combustion and combined spray and pool combustionSathiah, P.; Roelofs, F.