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2011Control of the damage resistance of nanocomposite TiSiN coatings on steels: Roles of residual stressAhmed, M.; Zhou, Z.; Munroe, P.; Li, L.; Xie, Z.
2011Enhancing the performance of a parallel solver for turbulent reacting flow simulationsSayeed, M.; Magi, V.; Abraham, J.
2011Influence of compositional stratification on autoignition in n-heptane/air mixturesMukhopadhyay, S.; Abraham, J.
2011A numerical study of vortex interactions with flames developing from ignition kernels in lean methane/air mixturesReddy, H.; Abraham, J.
2011Structure-property-performance of nanocomposite Cr-Si-N films synthesized by a duplex surface treatment techniqueLai, D.; Xu, J.; Xie, Z.; Munroe, P.
2011Plasma communication for radio blackout during hypersonic flights: electromagnetic manipulation of plasma layer for re-entry blackout mitigationKim, M.
2011Damage-tolerant, hard nanocomposite coatings enabled by a hierarchical structureXu, J.; Mao, X.; Xie, Z.; Munroe, P.
2011Computational study of charge stratification in Early-injection SCCI engines under light-load conditionsAbraham, J.
2011Hydrothermal synthesis of cubic a-Fe2O3 microparticles using glycine: Surfacecharacterization, reaction mechanism and electrochemical activityYin, C.; Minakshi, M.; Ralph, D.; Jiang, Z.; Xie, Z.; Guo, H.
2011The role of vaporization in determining transient diesel spray structureBajaj, C.; Abraham, J.; Pickett, L.; Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (23rd : 2011 : Ventura, California, U.S.A.)