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2016Acoustic end-correction in a flow-reversal end chamber muffler: a semi-analytical approachMimani, A.; Munjal, M.
2016Experimental study of CFDST columns infilled with UHPC under close-range blast loadingZhang, F.; Wu, C.; Zhao, X.; Xiang, H.; Li, Z.; Fang, Q.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Heidarpour, A.; Packer, J.
2016Effects of pH value and temperature on the corrosion behavior of a Ta₂N nanoceramic coating in simulated polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell environmentMa, J.; Xu, J.; Jiang, S.; Munroe, P.; Xie, Z.
2016Electrochemical properties of a novel β-Ta₂O₅ nanoceramic coating exposed to simulated body solutionsXu, J.; Hu, W.; Xu, S.; Munroe, P.; Xie, Z.
2016Nonlinear coupled dynamics of shear deformable microbeamsFarokhi, H.; Ghayesh, M.
2016Internal energy transfer in dynamical behavior of slightly curved shear deformable microplatesGhayesh, M.; Farokhi, H.; Alici, G.
2016Interfacial heat transfer during hot metal forming operations assuming scale failure effectsKrzyzanowski, M.; Beynon, J.
2016Enhanced focal-resolution of dipole sources using aeroacoustic time-reversal in a wind tunnelMimani, A.; Moreau, D.; Prime, Z.; Doolan, C.
2016Integrated modeling and design for realizing a two-wheeled wheelchair for disabledAltalmas, T.; Aula, A.; Ahmad, S.; Tokhi, M.; Akmeliawati, R.
2016Nonlinear dynamics of a parametrically excited beam with a central magneto-rheological elastomer patch: an experimental investigationYildirim, T.; Ghayesh, M.; Li, W.; Alici, G.