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2023Cage Hydrocarbons as Linkers in Dimeric Drug Design: Case Studies with Trimethoprim and TedizolidVujcic, B.; Wyllie, J.; Tania; Burns, J.; White, K.F.; Cromwell, S.; Lupton, D.W.; Dutton, J.; Soares da Costa, T.P.; Houston, S.D.
2023Alpha-B-Crystallin overexpression is sufficient to promote tumorigenesis and metastasis in miceRashidieh, B.; Bain, A.L.; Tria, S.M.; Sharma, S.; Stewart, C.A.; Simmons, J.L.; Apaja, P.M.; Duijf, P.H.G.; Finnie, J.; Khanna, K.K.
2023Capturing and Quantifying Particle Transcytosis with Microphysiological Intestine-on-Chip ModelsDelon, L.C.; Faria, M.; Jia, Z.; Johnston, S.; Gibson, R.; Prestidge, C.A.; Thierry, B.
2023Serum Neu5Gc biomarkers are elevated in primary cutaneous melanomaShewell, L.K.; Day, C.J.; Hippolite, T.; De Bisscop, X.; Paton, J.C.; Paton, A.W.; Jennings, M.P.
2023Precision public health intervention for care coordination: A real world studyAndrade, A.Q.; Calabretto, J.-P.; Pratt, N.; Kalisch-Ellett, L.; LeBlanc, V.T.; Roughead, E.E.
2023Finding Synaptic Couplings from a Biophysical Model of Motor Evoked Potentials after Theta-Burst Transcranial Magnetic StimulationWilson, M.T.; Goldsworthy, M.; Vallence, A.-M.; Fornito, A.; Rogasch, N.
2023Defining species-specific and conserved interactions of apical membrane protein 1 during erythrocyte invasion in malaria to inform multi-species vaccinesDrew, D.R.; Wilson, D.W.; Weiss, G.E.; Yeoh, L.M.; G. Henshall, I.; Crabb, B.S.; Dutta, S.; Gilson, P.R.; Beeson, J.G.
2023Constitutive expression and distinct properties of IFN-epsilon protect the female reproductive tract from Zika virus infectionColdbeck-Shackley, R.C.; Romeo, O.; Rosli, S.; Gearing, L.J.; Gould, J.A.; Lim, S.S.; Van der Hoek, K.H.; Eyre, N.S.; Shue, B.; Robertson, S.A.; Best, S.M.; Tate, M.D.; Hertzog, P.J.; Beard, M.R.
2023Mitochondrial DNA Deficiency and Supplementation in Sus scrofa Oocytes Influence Transcriptome Profiles in Oocytes and BlastocystsOkada, T.; McIlfatrick, S.; St. John, J.C.
2023Mesenchymal stromal cell senescence in haematological malignanciesPlakhova, N.; Panagopoulos, V.; Vandyke, K.; Zannettino, A.C.W.; Mrozik, K.M.
2023The role of CopA in Streptococcus pyogenes copper homeostasis and virulenceDao, T.H.; Iverson, A.; Neville, S.L.; Johnson, M.D.L.; McDevitt, C.A.; Rosch, J.W.
2023TP53 mutation variant allele frequency of ≥10% is associated with poor prognosis in therapy-related myeloid neoplasmsShah, M.V.; Tran, E.N.H.; Shah, S.; Chhetri, R.; Baranwal, A.; Ladon, D.; Shultz, C.; Al-Kali, A.; Brown, A.L.; Chen, D.; Scott, H.S.; Greipp, P.; Thomas, D.; Alkhateeb, H.B.; Singhal, D.; Gangat, N.; Kumar, S.; Patnaik, M.M.; Hahn, C.N.; Kok, C.H.; et al.
2023The effectiveness of anti-inflammatory agents in reducing chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment in preclinical models – a systematic reviewHaller, O.J.; Semendric, I.; George, R.P.; Collins-Praino, L.E.; Whittaker, A.L.
2023Sulfonylpiperazine compounds prevent Plasmodium falciparum invasion of red blood cells through interference with actin-1/profilin dynamicsDans, M.G.; Piirainen, H.; Nguyen, W.; Khurana, S.; Mehra, S.; Razook, Z.; Geoghegan, N.D.; Dawson, A.T.; Das, S.; Parkyn Schneider, M.; Jonsdottir, T.K.; Gabriela, M.; Gancheva, M.R.; Tonkin, C.J.; Mollard, V.; Goodman, C.D.; McFadden, G.I.; Wilson, D.W.; Rogers, K.L.; Barry, A.E.; et al.
2023Mitochondrial DNA Supplementation of Oocytes Has Downstream Effects on the Transcriptional Profiles of Sus scrofa Adult Tissues with High mtDNA Copy NumberOkada, T.; Penn, A.; St. John, J.C.
2023The oxidation of cholesterol derivatives by the CYP124 and CYP142 enzymes from Mycobacterium marinum.Ghith, A.; Bruning, J.B.; Bell, S.G.
2023The effects of age and biological sex on the association between I-wave recruitment and the response to cTBS: an exploratory studyVan Dam, J.M.; Graetz, L.; Pitcher, J.B.; Goldsworthy, M.R.
2023Uncovering the link between the SpnIII restriction modification system and LuxS in Streptococcus pneumoniae meningitis isolatesAgnew, H.N.; Atack, J.M.; Fernando, A.R.D.; Waters, S.N.; van der Linden, M.; Smith, E.; Abell, A.D.; Brazel, E.B.; Paton, J.C.; Trappetti, C.
2023The interaction between metaplastic neuromodulation and fatigue in multiple sclerosisXian, C.; Barbi, C.; Goldsworthy, M.R.; Venturelli, M.; Sidhu, S.K.
2023Whey-based diet containing medium chain triglycerides modulates the gut microbiota and protects the intestinal mucosa from chemotherapy while maintaining therapy efficacy.Wardill, H.R.; Da Silva Ferreira, A.R.; Kumar, H.; Bateman, E.H.; Cross, C.B.; Bowen, J.M.; Havinga, R.; Harmsen, H.J.M.; Knol, J.; Dorresteijn, B.; van Dijk, M.; van Bergenhenegouwen, J.; Tissing, W.J.E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3297