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2020Face validity evaluation of screening tools for gaming disorder: scope, language, and overpathologizing issuesKing, D.L.; Billieux, J.; Carragher, N.; Delfabbro, P.H.
2020Collective intelligence in fingerprint analysisTangen, J.M.; Kent, K.M.; Searston, R.A.
2019Measurement equivalence of the Social Interaction Anxiety Scale (SIAS) and Social Phobia Scale (SPS) across individuals with social anxiety disorder from Japanese and Australian sociocultural contextsWong, Q.; Chen, J.; Gregory, B.; Baillie, A.; Nagata, T.; Furukawa, T.; Kaiya, H.; Peters, L.; Rapee, R.
2019Temporal effects of maternal psychological distress on child mental health problems at ages 3, 5, 7 and 11: analysis from the UK Millennium Cohort StudyHope, S.; Pearce, A.; Chittleborough, C.; Deighton, J.; Maika, A.; Micali, N.; Mittinty, M.; Law, C.; Lynch, J.
2019A mixed-methods investigation of psychological factors relevant to weight maintenanceDibb-Smith, A.E.; Brindal, E.; Chapman, J.; Noakes, M.
2019Pulsed electromagnetic fields promote bone formation by activating the sAC–cAMP–PKA–CREB signaling pathwayWang, Y.; Pu, X.; Shi, W.; Fang, Q.; Chen, X.; Xi, H.; Gao, Y.; Zhou, J.; Xian, C.; Chen, K.
2019The role of depression pharmacogenetic decision support tools in shared decision makingArandjelovic, K.; Eyre, H.; Lenze, E.; Singh, A.; Berk, M.; Bousman, C.
2019Stress beyond coping? A Rasch analysis of the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-14) in an Aboriginal populationSantiago, P.; Roberts, R.; Smithers, L.; Jamieson, L.
2019Do additional features help or hurt category learning? The curse of dimensionality in human learnersVong, W.; Hendrickson, A.; Navarro, D.; Perfors, A.
2019Prevalence of psychotropic medicine use in Australian children with autism spectrum disorder: a drug utilization study based on children enrolled in the longitudinal study of Australian childrenRasmussen, L.; Pratt, N.; Roughead, E.; Moffat, A.
2019How low can you go? detecting style in extremely low resolution imagesSearston, R.; Thompson, M.; Vokey, J.; French, L.; Tangen, J.
2019Video game monetization (e.g., 'loot boxes'): a blueprint for practical social responsibility measuresKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.
2019A test of how Australian adults allocate time for physical activityRebar, A.; Johnston, R.; Paterson, J.; Short, C.; Schoeppe, S.; Vandelanotte, C.
2019Association between solar insolation and a history of suicide attempts in bipolar I disorderBauer, M.; Glenn, T.; Alda, M.; Andreassen, O.; Angelopoulos, E.; Ardau, R.; Ayhan, Y.; Baethge, C.; Bauer, R.; Baune, B.; Becerra-Palars, C.; Bellivier, F.; Belmaker, R.; Berk, M.; Bersudsky, Y.; Bicakci, Ş.; Birabwa-Oketcho, H.; Bjella, T.; Cabrera, J.; Wo Cheung, E.; et al.
2019Assessing the performance of motorcyclists’ impact protectors in simulated ATD knee and shoulder impactsMeredith, L.; Albanese, B.; Whyte, T.; Gibson, T.; Fitzharris, M.; Baldock, M.; Brown, J.
2019An economic evaluation of a telephone outcall intervention for informal carers of cancer patients in Australia: an assessment of costs and quality-adjusted-life-yearsRichards-Jones, S.; Mihalopoulos, C.; Heckel, L.; Gunn, K.; Tan, M.; Livingston, P.
2019Barriers and facilitators to physical activity participation for children with physical disability: comparing and contrasting the views of children, young people, and their cliniciansWright, A.; Roberts, R.; Bowman, G.; Crettenden, A.
2019Children returning from care: The challenging circumstances of parents in povertyFernandez, E.; Delfabbro, P.; Ramia, I.; Kovacs, S.
2019Impact of concurrent task performance on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)-Induced changes in cortical physiology and working memoryHill, A.; Rogasch, N.; Fitzgerald, P.; Hoy, K.
2019Poor peer relations in adolescence, social support in early adulthood and depressive symptoms in later adulthood - evaluating mediation and interaction using four-way decomposition analysisBean, C.; Pingel, R.; Hallqvist, J.; Berg, N.; Hammarström, A.