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2019Barriers and facilitators to physical activity participation for children with physical disability: comparing and contrasting the views of children, young people, and their cliniciansWright, A.; Roberts, R.; Bowman, G.; Crettenden, A.
2019Polymorphisms in dopaminergic genes predict proactive processes of response inhibitionBeu, N.; Burns, N.; Baetu, I.
2019Children returning from care: The challenging circumstances of parents in povertyFernandez, E.; Delfabbro, P.; Ramia, I.; Kovacs, S.
2019Investigation of the factors contributing to indigenous students’ retention and attrition rates at the University of Adelaide.Hearn, S.; Benton, M.; Funnell, S.; Marmolejo-Ramos, F.
2019Adequacy of treatment for child and adolescent mental disorders in Australia: a national studySawyer, M.G.; Reece, C.E.; Sawyer, A.C.; Hiscock, H.; Lawrence, D.
2019Depression, anxiety and perceived stress in women with and without PCOS: a community-based studyDamone, A.; Joham, A.; Loxton, D.; Earnest, A.; Teede, H.; Moran, L.
2019The diversity effect in inductive reasoning depends on sampling assumptionsHayes, B.; Navarro, D.; Stephens, R.; Ransom, K.; Dilevski, N.
2019Impact of concurrent task performance on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)-Induced changes in cortical physiology and working memoryHill, A.; Rogasch, N.; Fitzgerald, P.; Hoy, K.
2019Poor peer relations in adolescence, social support in early adulthood and depressive symptoms in later adulthood - evaluating mediation and interaction using four-way decomposition analysisBean, C.; Pingel, R.; Hallqvist, J.; Berg, N.; Hammarström, A.
2019Eating disorder symptoms across the weight spectrum in Australian adolescentsHughes, E.; Kerr, J.; Patton, G.; Sawyer, S.; Wake, M.; Le Grange, D.; Azzopardi, P.
2019‘We were totally supportive, of course’: how people talk about supporting a significant other to stop or reduce their drinkingBartram, A.; Crabb, S.; Hanson-Easey, S.; Eliott, J.
2019Increased plasma Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) levels in females with schizophreniaWeickert, C.; Lee, C.; Lenroot, R.; Bruggemann, J.; Galletly, C.; Liu, D.; Balzan, R.; Pillai, A.; Buckley, P.; Weickert, T.
2019Logic, evidence and consensus: towards a more constructive debate on gaming disorderKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.; Potenza, M.; Demetrovics, Z.; Billieux, J.; Brand, M.
2019Stepwise treatment of acute bipolar depressionParker, G.; Malhi, G.; Hamilton, A.; Morris, G.; Tavella, G.; Bassett, D.; Baune, B.; Boyce, P.; Hopwood, M.; Mulder, R.; Porter, R.; Outhred, T.; Das, P.; Singh, A.
2019Internet Gaming Disorder: theory, assessment, treatment, and preventionKing, D.; Delfabbro, P.
2019Not playing around: gaming disorder in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)King, D.; Potenza, M.
2019Facial image comparisons of morphed facial imageryHeyer, R.; Chong, C.; Semmler, C.
2019Putative risk alleles for LATE-NC with hippocampal sclerosis in population-representative autopsy cohortsHokkanen, S.R.; Kero, M.; Kaivola, K.; Hunter, S.; Keage, H.A.; Kiviharju, A.; Raunio, A.; Tienari, P.J.; Paetau, A.; Matthews, F.E.; Fleming, J.; Graff, C.; Polvikoski, T.M.; Myllykangas, L.; Brayne, C.; EClipSE Collaboration
2019Knowledge, skills, and attitudes of psychologists working with persons with vision impairmentRoche, Y.; Chur-Hansen, A.
2019Short-term environmental enrichment, and not physical exercise, alleviate cognitive decline and anxiety from middle age onwards without affecting hippocampal gene expressionSinghal, G.; Morgan, J.; Jawahar, M.; Corrigan, F.; Jaehne, E.; Toben, C.; Breen, J.; Pederson, S.; Hannan, A.; Baune, B.