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2014Women's preferences for inpatient and outpatient priming for labour induction: a discrete choice experimentHoward, K.; Gerard, K.; Adelson, P.; Bryce, R.; Wilkinson, C.; Turnbull, D.
2013Psychosocial outcomes of a randomized controlled trial of outpatient cervical priming for induction of laborTurnbull, D.; Adelson, P.; Oster, C.; Bryce, R.; Fereday, J.; Wilkinson, C.
2013The impact of outpatient priming for induction of labour on midwives' work demand, work autonomy and satisfactionTurnbull, D.; Adelson, P.; Oster, C.; Coffey, J.; Coomblas, J.; Bryce, R.; Wilkinson, C.
2015Does cognitive style predict participation in colorectal and prostate cancer screening?McGuiness, C.E.; Turnbull, D.; Wilson, C.; Duncan, A.; Flight, I.; Zajac, I.; 2nd Australian Psychological Society Health Psychology Conference (10 Apr 2015 - 11 Apr 2015 : Sydney, NSW)
2015To DRE or not to DRE?McGuiness, C.E.; Turnbull, D.; Wilson, C.; Duncan, A.; Flight, I.H.; Zajac, I.; Florey International Postgraduate Research Conference (24 Sep 2015 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2012Using the transtheoretical model of behaviour change to describe readiness to rescreen for colorectal cancer with faecal occult blood testingDuncan, A.; Turnbull, D.; Gregory, T.; Cole, S.; Young, G.; Flight, I.; Wilson, C.
2012Predictors of re-participation in faecal occult blood test-based screening for colorectal cancerCole, S.; Gregory, T.; Whibley, A.; Ward, P.; Turnbull, D.; Wilson, C.; Flight, I.; Esterman, A.; Young, G.
2013A cost analysis of inpatient compared with outpatient prostaglandin E₂ cervical priming for induction of labour: results from the OPRA trialAdelson, P.; Wedlock, G.; Wilkinson, C.; Howard, K.; Bryce, R.; Turnbull, D.
2020Considering anticipated regret may reduce colorectal cancer screening intentions: a randomised controlled trialHunkin, H.; Turnbull, D.; Zajac, I.T.
2019Women’s psychosocial outcomes following an emergency caesarean section: a systematic literature reviewBenton, M.; Salter, A.; Tape, N.; Wilkinson, C.; Turnbull, D.