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Type: Composition (music)
Title: Series 1: 49 - Manuscript Book 7 (Photocopies)
Author: Cross, Robert
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: Compositions - Australian
Description: 46 page Manuscript of photocopies from various collections, Contains: "The Harbour Bridge, Sydney", 7 page MS composed December 1932. "Way-Wardness (A Small Prelude)", 4 page MS, not dated. "In Happy Vein", 4 page MS, not dated. "In Bouyant Mood [sic]", 2 pages undated, two copies. "The Bride to Be", 2 page MS, not dated. "Clown-ing (Mime-ing)", 1 1/2 page MS, not dated. "Dreaming", 2 1/2 page ink MS, not dated. "Care-Free", 2 1/4 page MS, not dated. "Obstinacy (Alla Mazurka) (Incomplete)", 1 page MS, not dated. "Valse-Petite", 2 page MS, Composed 27/8/68. "March (for Nicholas Jose)", 2 page MS, Composed 8/9/1968. Also includes "Four Miniatures - Expectancy, A Fairy Piper, Ring Dance, She Passes", 10 page printed copy plus cover, inscribed "For Haigwood Masters, Mrs O.H. Woodward, Phyllis G. Reid. Copyright 1937, published by W. H. Paling 1937. With "Gliére. Prelude" edited by J. A. Steele, 4 page MS printed copy Melbourne: Alan & Co, Copyright 1954.
Call number: MSS 0189
Appears in Collections:Series 1: Piano Music

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