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2018Ancient plant DNA in the genomic eraEstrada, O.; Breen, J.; Richards, S.; Cooper, A.
2017Animal models of Alzheimer's diseaseNewman, M.; Kretzschmar, D.; Khan, I.; Chen, M.; Verdile, G.; Lardelli, M.
1998ARA, a novel ABC transporter, is located at 16p13.1, is deleted in inv(16) leukemias, & is shown to be expressed in primitive hematopoietic precursors.Kuss, B.; O'Neill, G.; Eyre, H.; Doggett, N.; Callen, D.; Davey, R.
2018Artificial barriers prevent genetic recovery of small isolated populations of a low-mobility freshwater fishColeman, R.A.; Gauffre, B.; Pavlova, A.; Beheregaray, L.B.; Kearns, J.; Lyon, J.; Sasaki, M.; Leblois, R.; Sgro, C.; Sunnucks, P.
2018Assessing genomic admixture between cryptic Plutella moth species following secondary contactWard, C.; Baxter, S.
2020Assessing the unified airway hypothesis in children via transcriptional profiling of the airway epitheliumKicic, A.; de Jong, E.; Ling, K.M.; Nichol, K.; Anderson, D.; Wark, P.A.B.; Knight, D.A.; Bosco, A.; Stick, S.M.; Kicic-Starcevich, E.; Garratt, L.W.; Padros-Goosen, M.; Tan, E.L.; Sutanto, E.N.; Looi, K.; Hillas, J.; Iosifidis, T.; Shaw, N.C.; Montgomery, S.T.; Martinovich, K.M.; et al.
1997Assignment of the Human CC Chemokine Gene TARC (SCYA17) to chromosome 16q13Nomiyama, H.; Imai, T.; Kusuda, J.; Miura, R.; Callen, D.; Yoshie, O.
2015Association of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D status and genetic variation in the vitamin D metabolic pathway with FEV(1) in the Framingham Heart StudyHansen, J.G.; Gao, W.; Dupuis, J.; O'Connor, G.T.; Tang, W.; Kowgier, M.; Sood, A.; Gharib, S.A.; Palmer, L.J.; Fornage, M.; Heckbert, S.R.; Psaty, B.M.; Booth, S.L.; Cassano, P.A.
2017The Australasian spiny trapdoor spiders of the family Idiopidae (Mygalomorphae:Arbanitinae): A relimitation and revision at the generic levelRix, M.; Raven, R.; Main, B.; Harrison, S.; Austin, A.; Cooper, S.; Harvey, M.
2009Autoimmune regulator controls T cell help for pathogenetic autoantibody production in collagen-induced arthritisCampbell, I.; Kinkel, S.; Drake, S.; Van Nieuwenhuijze, A.; Hubert, F.; Tarlinton, D.; Heath, W.; Scott, H.; Wicks, I.
2016Autophagy regulates the survival of cells with chromosomal instabilityLiu, D.; Shaukat, Z.; Xu, T.; Denton, D.; Saint, R.; Gregory, S.
1998Autosomal dominant nocturnal frontal-lobe epilepsy: genetic heterogeneity and evidence for a second locus at 15q24Phillips, H.; Scheffer, I.; Crossland, K.; Bhatia, K.; Fish, D.; Marsden, C.; Howell, S.; Stephenson, J.; Tolmie, J.; Plazzi, G.; Eeg-Olofsson, O.; Singh, R.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Andermann, E.; Berkovic, S.; Mulley, J.
1998B-chromosome origin in the endemic New Zealand frog Leiopelma hochstetteri through sex chromosome devolution.Sharbel, Timothy F.; Green, David M.; Houben, Andreas
2018BAK/BAX macropores facilitate mitochondrial herniation and mtDNA efflux during apoptosisMcArthur, K.; Whitehead, L.; Heddleston, J.; Li, L.; Padman, B.; Oorschot, V.; Geoghegan, N.; Chappaz, S.; Davidson, S.; Chin, H.; Lane, R.; Dramicanin, M.; Saunders, T.; Sugiana, C.; Lessene, R.; Osellame, L.; Chew, T.; Dewson, G.; Lazarou, M.; Ramm, G.; et al.
2018The Beaker phenomenon and the genomic transformation of northwest EuropeOlalde, I.; Brace, S.; Allentoft, M.E.; Armit, I.; Kristiansen, K.; Booth, T.; Rohland, N.; Mallick, S.; Szécsényi-Nagy, A.; Mittnik, A.; Altena, E.; Lipson, M.; Lazaridis, I.; Harper, T.K.; Patterson, N.; Broomandkhoshbacht, N.; Diekmann, Y.; Faltyskova, Z.; Fernandes, D.; Ferry, M.; et al.
2014Biogeography and taxonomy of extinct and endangered monk seals illuminated by ancient DNA and skull morphologyScheel, D.; Slater, G.; Kolokotronis, S.; Potter, C.; Rotstein, D.; Tsangaras, K.; Greenwood, A.; Helgen, K.
2017The biomechanical role of the chondrocranium and sutures in a lizard craniumJones, M.; Gröning, F.; Dutel, H.; Sharp, A.; Fagan, M.; Evans, S.
2017bíogo: a simple high-performance bioinformatics toolkit for the Go languageKortschak, R.; Snyder, J.; Maragkakis, M.; Adelson, D.
1995Captive breeding and maintenance of the fat-tailed dunnartChesson, C.; Hope, R.
1999The cell cycle dependent phosphorylation of histone H3 is correlated with the condensation of plant mitotic chromosomesHouben, Andreas; Wako, Toshiyuki; Furushima-Shimogawara, Rieko; Presting, Gernot; Kunzel, Gottfried; Schubert, Ingo; Fukui, Kuchi