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2014DBM-DB: the diamondback moth genome databaseTang, W.; Yu, L.; He, W.; Yang, G.; Ke, F.; Baxter, S.; You, S.; Douglas, C.; You, M.
1998Deafness due to Pro250Arg mutation of FGFR3Hollway, G.; Suthers, G.; Battese, K.; Turner, A.; David, D.; Mulley, J.
1998Decapentaplegic is required for arrest in G1 phase during Drosophila eye developmentHorsfield, Julie A.; Penton, Andrea; Secombe, Julie; Hoffman, F. Michael; Richardson, Helena Elizabeth
1999DECAY, a novel Drosophila caspase related to mammalian Caspase-3 and Caspase-7Dorstyn, L.; Read, S.; Quinn, L.; Richardson, H.; Kumar, S.
2018Delayed development of ossification centers in the tibia of prenatal and early postnatal MPS VII miceJiang, Z.; Derrick-Roberts, A.; Jackson, M.; Rossouw, C.; Pyragius, C.; Xian, C.; Fletcher, J.; Byers, S.
2018Deleterious variation shapes the genomic landscape of introgressionKim, B.Y.; Huber, C.D.; Lohmueller, K.E.
2016Derivation of an endogenous small RNA from double-stranded Sox4 sense and natural antisense transcripts in the mouse brainLing, K.; Brautigan, P.; Moore, S.; Fraser, R.; Cheah, P.; Raison, J.; Babic, M.; Lee, Y.; Daish, T.; Mattiske, D.; Mann, J.; Adelson, D.; Thomas, P.; Hahn, C.; Scott, H.
2015Desert spring refugia: museums of diversity or evolutionary cradles?Murphy, N.; Guzik, M.; Cooper, S.; Austin, A.
2016Detecting selection on temporal and spatial scales: a genomic time-series assessment of selective responses to devil facial tumor diseaseBröniche-Olsen, A.; Austin, J.; Jones, M.; Holland, B.; Burridge, C.
1999Detection of a novel missense mutation and second recurrent mutation in the CACNA1A gene in individuals with EA-2 and FHMFriend, K.; Crimmins, D.; Phan, T.; Sue, C.; Colley, A.; Fung, V.; Morris, J.; Sutherland, G.; Richards, R.
2016Determining the effect of natural selection on linked neutral divergence across speciesPhung, T.N.; Huber, C.D.; Lohmueller, K.E.
2018Developing reproducible bioinformatics analysis workflows for heterogeneous computing environments to support African genomicsBaichoo, S.; Souilmi, Y.; Panji, S.; Botha, G.; Meintjes, A.; Hazelhurst, S.; Bendou, H.; de Beste, E.; Mpangase, P.; Souiai, O.; Alghali, M.; Yi, L.; O'Connor, B.; Crusoe, M.; Armstrong, D.; Aron, S.; Joubert, F.; Ahmed, A.; Mbiyavanga, M.; van Heusden, P.; et al.
2013The development of an in vivo γ-secretase assay using zebrafish embryosWilson, L.; Lardelli, M.
2013Developmental timing of mutations revealed by whole-genome sequencing of twins with acute lymphoblastic leukemiaMa, Y.; Dobbins, S.; Sherborne, A.; Chubb, D.; Galbiati, M.; Cazzaniga, G.; Micalizzi, C.; Tearle, R.; Lloyd, A.; Hain, R.; Greaves, M.; Houlston, R.
2019Dietary micronutrient supplementation for 12 days in obese male mice restores sperm oxidative stressMc Pherson, N.; Shehadeh, H.; Fullston, T.; Zander-Fox, D.; Lane, M.
1988Differences in the regulation of aldehyde dehydrogenase genes in Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus nidulansO'Connell, M.; Kelly, J.
1997Differences of histone H4 acetylation and replication timing between A and B chromosomes of Brachycome dichromosomaticaHouben, A.; Belyaev, N.; Leach, C.; Timmis, J.
2013Differential effects of endurance training and weight loss on plasma adiponectin multimers and adipose tissue macrophages in younger, moderately overweight menAuerbach, P.; Nordby, P.; Bendtsen, L.Q.; Mehlsen, J.L.; Basnet, S.K.; Vestergaard, H.; Ploug, T.; Stallknecht, B.
2015Differential expression of fatty acid desaturases in Mari and Shengeh olive cultivars during fruit development and ripeningParvini, F.; Zeinanloo, A.A.; Ebrahimie, E.; Tahmasebi-Enferadi, S.; Hosseini-Mazinani, M.
2015Differential expression of TLP, ERF1, and R2R3MYB in annual Medicago species under salinity conditionsGharaghani, F.; Rafiei, F.; Mirakhorli, N.; Ebrahimie, E.