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2015The gasteruptiid wasp fauna of New Caledonia, with description of three new species of Gasteruption (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea: Gasteruptiidae)Jennings, J.; Jourdan, H.; Krogmann, L.; Parslow, B.
2014Gasteruption youngi sp. nov. (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea: Gasteruptiidae) from South Australia; an unusual species with trichoid sensilla on the ovipositor sheathsJennings, J.; Parslow, B.
2018Gene expression drives the evolution of dominanceHuber, C.D.; Durvasula, A.; Hancock, A.M.; Lohmueller, K.E.
1998Gene localisation for an autosomal dominant familial periodic fever to 12p13.Mulley, J.; Saar, K.; Hewitt, G.; Rueschendorf, F.; Phillips, H.; Colley, A.; Sillence, D.; Reis, A.; Wilson, M.
1996Gene localisation for Sutherland-Haan syndrome (SHS:MIM 309470)Gedeon, A.; Haan, E.; Mulley, J.
1996Gene localisation for Wilson-Turner syndrome (WTS:MIM 309585)Gedeon, A.; Turner, G.; Mulley, J.
2017Gene Ontology-based analysis of zebrafish’ omics data using the web tool Comparative Gene OntologyEbrahimie, E.; Fruzangohar, M.; Moussavi Nik, S.; Newman, M.
1997Gene structure and subcellular localisation of FMR2, a member of a new family of putative transcription activatorsGecz, J.; Bielby, S.; Sutherland, G.; Mulley, J.
2016A generic method of engagement to elicit regional coastal management optionsDichmont, C.; Dutra, L.; Owens, R.; Jebreen, E.; Thompson, C.; Deng, R.; van Putten, E.; Pascual, R.; Dambacher, J.; Warne, M.; Quinn, R.; Thébaud, O.; Bennett, J.; Read, M.; Wachenfeld, D.; Davies, J.; Garland, A.; Dunning, M.; Collier, C.; Waycott, M.; et al.
2014Genetic analysis implicates APOE, SNCA and suggests lysosomal dysfunction in the etiology of dementia with Lewy bodiesBras, J.; Guerreiro, R.; Darwent, L.; Parkkinen, L.; Ansorge, O.; Escott-Price, V.; Hernandez, D.G.; Nalls, M.A.; Clark, L.N.; Honig, L.S.; Marder, K.; Van Der Flier, W.M.; Lemstra, A.; Scheltens, P.; Rogaeva, E.; St George-Hyslop, P.; Londos, E.; Zetterberg, H.; Ortega-Cubero, S.; Pastor, P.; et al.
2011Genetic ancestry and indigenous heritage in a Native American descendant community in BermudaGaieski, J.; Owings, A.; Vilar, M.; Dulik, M.; Gaieski, D.; Gittelman, R.; Lindo, J.; Gau, L.; Schurr, T.
2020Genetic and environmental determinants of variation in the plasma lipidome of older Australian twinsWong, M.W.; Thalamuthu, A.; Braidy, N.; Mather, K.A.; Liu, Y.; Ciobanu, L.; Baune, B.T.; Armstrong, N.J.; Kwok, J.; Schofield, P.; Wright, M.J.; Ames, D.; Pickford, R.; Lee, T.; Poljak, A.; Sachdev, P.S.
1997Genetic and physical mapping of the Aspergillus nidulans pyruvate decarboxylase encoding gene, pdcA, allowing the anchoring of a small floating contig in the ordered cosmid libraryLockington, R.; Kelly, J.
2014Genetic bottlenecks in time and space: reconstructing invasions from contemporary and historical collectionsDormontt, E.; Gardner, M.; Breed, M.; Rodger, J.; Prentis, P.; Lowe, A.
2020Genetic comorbidity between major depression and cardio-metabolic traits, stratified by age at onset of major depressionHagenaars, S.; Coleman, J.; Choi, S.; Gaspar, H.; Adams, M.; Howard, D.; Hodgson, K.; Traylor, M.; Air, T.; Andlauer, T.; Arolt, V.; Baune, B.; Binder, E.; Blackwood, D.; Boomsma, D.; Campbell, A.; Cearns, M.; Czamara, D.; Dannlowski, U.; Domschke, K.; et al.
2016Genetic consequences of forest fragmentation by agricultural land in an arboreal marsupialLancaster, M.; Cooper, S.; Carthew, S.
2015Genetic heritage of the balto-slavic speaking populations: a synthesis of autosomal, mitochondrial and Y-chromosomal dataKushniarevich, A.; Utevska, O.; Chuhryaeva, M.; Agdzhoyan, A.; Dibirova, K.; Uktveryte, I.; Möls, M.; Mulahasanovic, L.; Pshenichnov, A.; Frolova, S.; Shanko, A.; Metspalu, E.; Reidla, M.; Tambets, K.; Tamm, E.; Koshel, S.; Zaporozhchenko, V.; Atramentova, L.; Kučinskas, V.; Davydenko, O.; et al.
2020Genetic history from the Middle Neolithic to present on the Mediterranean island of SardiniaMarcus, J.H.; Posth, C.; Ringbauer, H.; Lai, L.; Skeates, R.; Sidore, C.; Beckett, J.; Furtwängler, A.; Olivieri, A.; Chiang, C.W.; Al-Asadi, H.; Dey, K.; Joseph, T.A.; Liu, C.-.C.; Der Sarkissian, C.; Radzevičiūtė, R.; Michel, M.; Gradoli, M.G.; Marongiu, P.; Rubino, S.; et al.
2016The genetic history of Ice Age EuropeFu, Q.; Posth, C.; Hajdinjak, M.; Petr, M.; Mallick, S.; Fernandes, D.; Furtwängler, A.; Haak, W.; Meyer, M.; Mittnik, A.; Nickel, B.; Peltzer, A.; Rohland, N.; Slon, V.; Talamo, S.; Lazaridis, I.; Lipson, M.; Mathieson, I.; Schiffels, S.; Skoglund, P.; et al.
2016The genetic history of Peruvian Quechua-Lamistas and Chankas: uniparental DNA Patterns among autochthonous Amazonian and Andean populationsSandoval, J.; Lacerda, D.; Acosta, O.; Jota, M.; Robles-Ruiz, P.; Salazar-Granara, A.; Vieira, P.; Paz-y-Miño, C.; Fujita, R.; Santos, F.; Jin, L.; Li, H.; Li, S.; Swamikrishnan, P.; Javed, A.; Parida, L.; Royyuru, A.; Mitchell, R.; Zalloua, P.; Adhikarla, S.; et al.