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2017Neanderthal behaviour, diet, and disease inferred from ancient DNA in dental calculusWeyrich, L.; Duchene, S.; Soubrier, J.; Arriola, L.; Llamas, B.; Breen, J.; Morris, A.; Alt, K.; Caramelli, D.; Dresely, V.; Farrell, M.; Farrer, A.; Francken, M.; Gully, N.; Haak, W.; Hardy, K.; Harvati, K.; Held, P.; Holmes, E.; Kaidonis, J.; et al.
1998Neural precursor differentiation into astrocytes requires signaling through the leukemia inhibitory factor receptor.Koblar, S.; Turnley, A.; Classon, B.; Reid, K.; Ware, C.; Cheema, S.; Murphy, M.; Bartlett, P.
2018Neutron scanning reveals unexpected complexity in the enamel thickness of an herbivorous Jurassic reptileJones, M.; Lucas, P.; Tucker, A.; Watson, A.; Sertich, J.; Foster, J.; Williams, R.; Garbe, U.; Bevitt, J.; Salvemini, F.
2014New Middle Cambrian palaeoscolecid sclerites of Hadimopanella oezgueli from the Cantabrian Mountains, northern SpainBarragán, T.; Esteve, J.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Zamora, S.; Álvaro, J.
1998A new pineoblastoma cell line, PER-480, with der(10)t(10;17), der(16)t(1;16), & enhanced MYC expression in the absence of gene amplification.Kees, U.; Spagnolo, D.; Hallam, L.; Ford, J.; Ranford, P.; Baker, D.; Callen, D.; Biegel, J.
2012A new species of extinct little owl from the Pleistocene of Mallorca (Balearic Islands)Guerra, C.; Bover, P.; Alcover, J.A.
2016A new species of Rattus (Rodentia: Muridae) from Manus Island, Papua New GuineaTimm, R.; Weijola, V.; Aplin, K.; Donnellan, S.; Flannery, T.; Thomson, V.; Pine, R.
2014A new vetulicolian from Australia and its bearing on the chordate affinities of an enigmatic Cambrian groupGarcia-Bellido, D.; Lee, M.; Edgecombe, G.; Jago, J.; Gehling, J.; Paterson, J.
2015Non-genetic inheritance, fertility and assisted reproductive technologiesZander-Fox, D.; Mc Pherson, N.; Lane, M.
2015A novel forensic DNA profiling technique for protected speciesCiavaglia, S.; Donnellan, S.; Tobe, S.; Henry, J.; Linacre, A.
1998A novel gene encoding an integral membrane protein is mutated in nephropathic cystinosis.Town, M.; Jean, G.; Cherqui, S.; Attard, M.; Forestier, L.; Whitmore, S.; Callen, D.; Gribouval, O.; Broyer, M.; Bates, G.; van't Hoff, W.; Antignac, C.
1997A novel method for development of species and strain-specific DNA proves and PCR primers for identifying Burkholderia Solanacearum (formerly Pseudomonas Solanacearum)Opina, N.; Tavner, F.; Hollway, G.; Wang, J.F.; Li, T.H.; Maghirang, R.; Fegan, M.; Hayward, A.; Krishnapillai, V.; Hong, W.; Holloway, B.; Timmis, J.
2017Novel missense mutation in the bZIP transcription factor, MAF, associated with congenital cataract, developmental delay, seizures and hearing loss (Aymé-Gripp syndrome)Javadiyan, S.; Craig, J.; Sharma, S.; Lower, K.; Casey, T.; Haan, E.; Souzeau, E.; Burdon, K.
2014Novel mitochondrial DNA primers for identification of population trends in longnose suckers (Catostomus catostomus) and multispecies identificationLangille, B.; Perry, R.; Keefe, D.; Marshall, H.
1996A novel mutation in Exon 6 (F236S) of the proteolipid protein gene is associated with spastic paraplegiaDonnelly, A.; Colley, A.; Crimmins, D.; Mulley, J.
1998A novel mutation in exon b (R259C) of the MTM1 gene is associated with a mild myotubular myopathy.Donnelly, A.; Haan, E.; Manson, J.; Mulley, J.
1996A novel X-linked gene, G4.5. is responsible for Barth SyndromeBione, S.; D'Adamo, P.; Maestrini, E.; Gedeon, A.; Bolhuis, P.; Toniolo, D.
2014De novo transcriptome assembly and comparative analysis of differentially expressed genes in Prunus dulcis Mill. in response to freezing stressMousavi, S.; Alisoltani, A.; Shiran, B.; Fallahi, H.; Ebrahimie, E.; Imani, A.; Houshmand, S.
2012Nuclear genome diversity in somatic cells is accelerated by environmental stressWang, D.; Lloyd, A.; Timmis, J.
1997Null alleles of creA, the regulator of carbon catabolite repression in Aspergillus nidulansShroff, R.; O'Connor, S.; Hynes, M.; Lockington, R.; Kelly, J.