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2009The community prevalence of depression in older AustraliansPirkis, J.; Pfaff, J.; Williamson, M.; Tyson, O.; Stocks, N.; Goldney, R.; Draper, B.; Snowdon, J.; Lautenschlager, N.; Almeida, O.
2007The original Lujan syndrome family has a novel missense mutation (p. N1007S) in the MED12 geneSchwartz, C.; Tarpey, P.; Lubs, H.; Verloes, A.; May, M.; Risheg, H.; Friez, M.; Futreal, P.; Edkins, S.; Teague, J.; Briault, S.; Skinner, C.; Bauer-Carlin, A.; Simensin, R.; Joseph, S.; Jones, J.; Gecz, J.; Stratton, M.; Raymond, F.; Stevenson, R.
2000Integrins as mediators of morphogenesis in drosophilaBrown, N.; Gregory, S.; Martin-Bermudo, M.
2001Drosophila integrin-linked kinase is required at sites of integrin adhesion to link the cytoskeleton to the plasma membraneZervas, C.; Gregory, S.; Brown, N.
2009Complex splicing and neural expression of duplicated Tau genes in zebrafish embryosChen, M.; Martins, R.; Lardelli, M.
2000Fly methods for the new millenniumGregory, S.
2009Zebrafish aplnra functions in epibolyNornes, S.; Tucker, B.; Lardelli, M.
2003The clinical geneticist and the "new genetics"Haan, E.
2006A conserved supergene locus controls colour pattern diversity in Heliconius butterfliesJoron, M.; Papa, R.; Beltrán, M.; Chamberlain, N.; Mavárez, J.; Baxter, S.; Abanto, M.; Bermingham, E.; Humphray, S.; Rogers, J.; Beasley, H.; Barlow, K.; Ffrench-Constant, R.; Mallet, J.; McMillan, W.; Jiggins, C.
2005Rho signalling in cytokinesisGregory, S.L.; Shandala, T.; Dalton, H.; Saint, R.; 15th International Society of Developmental Biologists Congress (02 Sep 2005 - 07 Sep 2005 : Sydney, Australia)